Burger Fest Day update

Quick post then headed out to Best Memphis Burger Fest at Tiger Lane! I’d like to invite (almost) all my readers to stop by the Moody Ques booth and say hello (no crazies please). $10 admission gets you burger sampling, two live bands, a DJ, a slider eating contest, a cornhole contest, celebrity bobbing for burgers, and a kids’ zone. New this year is a steak competition, and I hear the samples passed out at these steak cookoffs are really, really good.

Late yesterday afternoon I finally saw the map of the park. Sushi Jimmi is our across-the-lane neighbor! Excellent! Flying Saucer is very close by as well. I like our little section of Tiger Lane!

Seen on Twitter yesterday: “Why isn’t there a Memphis drag queen named Forest Hill Irene?” That’s a really good question!

More info about that free wrestling card at Handy Park on October 19 at 7 PM. In addition to the main event of Jerry Lawler vs. Buff Bagwell, Dustin Starr, Bill Dundee, Grandmaster Sexay, Doug Gilbert, and Koko B. Ware will be there. I wonder if Frankie the parrot will be there with Koko?

Interesting fact I learned while thinking about this: The large red parrots that we normally think of when somebody says “parrots” are macaws too. I thought only the blue parrots with the yellow underbodies were macaws. Thanks, Wikipedia!

Check out the new Memphis Hustle website. Best looking website and best looking logo apparel in the G-league.

Info about a Tigers game later this month:

Richard Murff of the Memphis Flyer sampled some Meddlesome beers, including the 201 Hoplar.

Off to Best Memphis Burger Fest! Hope to see you there!