Monday update

I want to start off this post by standing up for a great local business that is getting an unfair rap. There was an unfortunate incident at The Den on Marshall Avenue Saturday night that is not reflective of what the place is. The Den is a place of warmth, creativity, and expression, a place where people can make their voice heard, whether it is through art, words, or music. The Edge is a richer neighborhood in character because of its presence. Don’t let one bad night – and the Negative Nancys who come out of the woodwork every time a place has a bad night – stop you from going to The Den and enjoying what the venue and the artists who perform there have to offer.

The Memphis Farmers Market is seeking an executive director. Allison Cook, who held that position for the past six years, is moving on to a new chapter in life. Have a look at the job description and if you think you’re a good fit, send resume and cover letter to

My sources that told me either Texas or good ole West Virginny would face Memphis in the Liberty Bowl turned out to be wrong. Instead, we’ve got the Cyclones of Iowa State. Not thrilled about that selection… while Texas and West Virginny would have likely been safe W’s for the Tigers, Iowa State has shown it can beat any given team on any given day. I hope Cyclones fans travel here from Ames in large numbers so our Downtown hotel and restaurant scene gets the payday it deserves.

Random thought I had yesterday… people can write in the names of candidates if they don’t like either Roy Moore or Doug Jones in the Alabama special election to the Senate. Wonder how many votes Saban will get?

Check out this beautiful fried avocado salad Minh made me yesterday at Oshi Asian Kitchen!

It was delicious and my troll liked it because the avocado matched her hair.

I’d like to encourage my fellow Downtowners to take a field trip to Lafayette’s Music Room sometime soon. Our friend Roscoe, longtime manager of the Silly Goose, has taken a job there. Roscoe is the bestest primate I have ever known, so let’s support him in his new gig.

It’s 7:40 AM as I type this and I don’t have to be at work today. You know what that means… BARDOG! Nice to have a bar around the corner that opens at 8 AM. Time to get in the shower and make sure I get there on time. Back tomorrow with more news.