Sunday update: Liberty Bowl rumors and more

Hearing some very interesting scuttlebutt about the Liberty Bowl this weekend. The SEC had so many bad teams this year that they are going to fail to fill their allocated bowl slots, including the Liberty Bowl, normally reserved for a team finishing between 3rd and 8th in the SEC. So Memphis may get the bid. I’ve heard mixed guesses about the opponent, either Texas or good ole West Virginny.

While Memphis to the Liberty Bowl would be great for our city, many of my friends in the service industry are hatin’ it. Memphis fans won’t stay in hotels Downtown, party for several days before the game, spend money more than usual in the bars on Beale and Main and nearby. Service industry people count on two out-of-town teams to bring in revenue. The good news is that past experience indicates that both Texas and West Virginny travel extremely well. so that’ll somewhat make up for it.

Hey B-RAD… the day of the Liberty Bowl parade, do you think anyone will pre-game at the Blind Bear, checking to see if I am there, hoping to sit with me and talk to me, having come up there several times over a period of several months looking for me?

Wherever they end up, congratulations to the Tigers on possibly their best season ever. There is no shame in losing in 2OT to a UCF team that was woefully underranked at 14. The U of M has made this city proud and I hope the Power Five conferences take note the next time they think about expansion.

WREG has an article about the financial benefits to the entire city from the St. Jude Marathon. Tens of thousands of people staying in hotels, spending money carbing up in restaurants, celebrating after the race. The CA reports that there were a record 25,000 runners this year.

Sunrise Memphis at 670 Jefferson (old Neely’s location) tweeted a photo of its breakfast tacos:

I’m still trying to research whether Sunrise does indeed start selling beer at 5 AM every day. If anyone would like to help me out with this research, I would appreciate it.

The Skitch, three brothers with a rock, doo-wop, indie style play the Hard Rock tonight at 8.

Tin Roof has drink specials in the Green Room for NFL Game Day Sunday. $3 mimosas, $4 craft beers on draft, $5 Tito’s Bloody Marys, $15 beer buckets.

It’s a beautiful day in Downtown Memphis! The marathon is over, Stumbling Santa is over, and it feels like our neighborhood has been through a cleanse. I’m off ’til Wednesday and plan on taking full advantage of my free time. Just in case I don’t get a post up in the morning, I plan on getting to Bardog sometime between 9 and 10 AM tomorrow and my readers are welcome to join. I want to check out that South Main food hall at some point during my vacation too. That’ll do it for now, back tomorrow or Tuesday with more news.