Carolina Watershed

My BBQ teammates Jeremy and Jeana came to town yesterday. Among other stops we went to Carolina Watershed, the new bar made of silos on East Carolina.

It was a beautiful place.

Really nice place. I would recommend checking it out if you haven’t already. It’s on Carolina Avenue just east of Main. PRO TIP: If you go during the day, hit the candy store across the street.

I awoke to the sound of sleet hitting my window this morning. A look out the window revealed snow-covered rooftops. If you have plans today, might want to call ahead and confirm the place you’re going is open. A brief 1-minute glance at Twitter revealed that Lisa’s Lunchbox and Downtown Yoga are closed today. I thought about calling my former company’s inclement weather hotline to see if they’re opening today. Didn’t do it though.

Just a friendly reminder to my readers – Bardog Tavern has $2 Fireball when it’s snowing. And it opens at 8 AM. Not saying that’s where I’m going, because I have a lot of important things to do today. Just letting you know it’s an option if you find free time on your hands.

Back tomorrow with more news.