Kickin’ chicken spaghetti @ Lisa’s Lunchbox and Thursday news

Last summer I was talking to one of the owners of Lisa’s Lunchbox, which had just opened a Downtown location at Front and Gayoso. He told me about their casseroles, and their Kickin’ Chicken spaghetti sounded incredible. Trouble was, I worked in Horn Lake, and on my rare days off it wasn’t Kickin’ Chicken day.

Yesterday I was pacing around the apartment trying to decide what to have for lunch, when I thought, I wonder what the special is at Lisa’s? I pulled up their Twitter account.

It was Kickin’ Chicken Day!!!

Generous helping of chicken spaghetti topped with cheese, biscuits and a side salad for $8.99. The spaghetti lived up to its reputation, for sure. Delicious! There were a couple of people in front of me in line ordering sandwiches and I watched the people in the kitchen make them. They looked amazing. Up until now I have tended to forget Lisa’s exists because it’s off the beaten path on Front Street, but let me tell you, once you eat there, you won’t forget the place.

Tomorrow’s rush hour commute is going to be a mess.’s latest blog post has rain moving in today. After a high in the upper 60s, temperatures will drop rapidly tonight, dropping below freezing in the early AM hours of Friday. Freezing rain is anticipated in the 3-5 AM time frame, converting over to sleet, then snow.

Geoff Calkins of the CA wrote a great article on Stan “The Man” Bronson who passed away this week. I did not know Stan was in the Guinness Book of World Records for longest-serving bat boy. Further proof that no matter what your situation in life, you can achieve great things.

The people running the Madison Hotel have bought the building next door at Main and Madison. Sam’s Hamburgers will be converted into a restaurant serving upscale Americana cuisine. Check into Cash will be converted into a small barbershop in the front of the location and a speakeasy in the back.

The Flyer has an article about recently opened-Sunrise on Jefferson Avenue. The chicken biscuit is considered to be a big hit, with its spicy, crisp Cajun batter. The house-smoked meats are an attraction as well. They have one beer on tap: Miller Lite. Hmmm.

Loflin Yard will feature the beers of Virginia’s Devlis Backbone brewery at Pours & S’mores next Wednesday, January 17 from 5-8 PM. S’mores will be paired with Vienna Lager, Danzig Baltic Porter, Sixteen Point IPA, Trail Angel Weiss, and Cran Gose.

Enjoying my unexpected time off so far. Topic yesterday at Bardog: Collective laughter at people who go to the latest hipster restaurant and pay $6 for a piece of avocado toast. I didn’t get a chance yesterday but I hear Aldo has reorganized the jukebox and I’m excited to see what new stuff is in there.

All right, time to get this day started. Getting a haircut at Rachel’s Salon at 11, and am stunned at the fact that I will be going over there in a T-shirt and shorts in January. After that I’ve got to get a promotional packet out to a potential BBQ team sponsor. By Tuesday I have to have a resume together, and am debating whether the BBQ team should go in the “Other activities” section. Yeah it’s spring break for adults but since becoming Director of Public Relations I have reformed communications for our team. I’m also a voting board member of the corporation behind the team, and as a former Burger Fest judge my feedback played a part in us winning a recent trophy. Yeah I kind of think it should be on there.

Time to get going. Back tomorrow with more news.