Frozen Irish Coffee @ Bardog Tavern and Wednesday news

I’m lucky enough to live around the corner from a bar with unusually good food. Even on the days when I’m job hunting, I stop by Bardog Tavern to see if I want any of their lunch specials. Yesterday my bar neighbors ’round the corner from me were having the newest drink there, a frozen Irish coffee. I asked if I could take a photo and they said sure. (Apologies for the blurriness. My camera display was not working yesterday. Came back on as soon as I plugged the phone into the charger. Weird.) Anyway, the frozen Irish coffee at Bardog is the equivalent to the Jameson slushie at sibling bar Slider Inn. Try one if you’re a coffee drinker.

Good catching up with Aldo at Bardog yesterday. He repeated some news items that had been in my blog recently, and told me how he knew – his mom reads my blog every day from up in the Northeast. Cheers, Mama Aldo – the condolence card you sent me when my mom died occupies a special place in my home, next to the stuffed love bug she gave me for Christmas 2015.

The Downtown Blue Monkey posted that they are looking for servers. No details on how to apply but the standard is between 2-4 on a weekday, show up in person and ask for a manager.

No more buses to the dog track! MATA is shutting down service to West Memphis effective March 31.

A pot-bellied pig was found in Memphis, and obviously a pet, was taken to the Memphis Animal Shelter. Petey was adopted within hours. I tried to convene a Moody Ques board meeting to arrange him a nice warm 225-degree home but couldn’t get it done in time. Petey is welcome to visit our booth at BBQ Fest.

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson is at the Orpheum tonight! Ten Things You Should Know about the Universe

Teachers! Sign up for Memphis in May’s education class about honored country the Czech Republic so you can transfer the information to your students. This class counts as continuing education for those who have that requirement.

We’re about to have curling on TV as the Winter Olympics begin this week. When curling became part of the Olympics, I thought, “This is a sport? Seems like the stupidest thing ever.” However, I quickly embraced it as a game of physics and strategy. Absolutely my favorite Olympic sport now… Winter Olympic sport. Basketball is my favorite overall.

She’s back!

I un-retired my little trollie trollie yesterday after a number of my readers said they missed her. She has far outlived her original purpose in Memphis and is part of my personal brand now. Expelling her was a mistake.

The Grizzlies host Utah tonight at 7.

You can’t unsee this: Trump’s hair blowing in the wind as he boards Air Force One

That’s it for now. Got an appointment out in East Memphis here in a bit. Back tomorrow with more news.