Monday update

The Brass Door is having a countdown to Paddy’s Day this Saturday, February 17, exactly one month before St. Patrick’s. There will be live music and Jameson IPA ‘Hoppy’ Hour Tasting featuring Caskmates IPA, Stout and Black Barrel. They’ll be giving away Jameson swag, and there will be a raffle to win a Jameson Coleman grill.

Seth who’s organizing the Jalapeno Popper Throwdown next month made jalapeno cornbread poppers this weekend. Here’s a recipe.

In other cooking news, Chef Zach Parks of South of Beale is interviewed by Southern Living on how to make salmon.

Sad to hear of the passing of WMC TV-5 newsman Ben Watson. He was a gentle soul who was deeply respected in his field.

Lifehacker has an easy way to track how many medals each country has won at the Winter Olympics in real time.

Last Friday when I was typing my post about Kalua Pig, I mis-typed it Kalua Pug, and as I corrected it I thought, “I wonder if you can get Kalua Pug at the Olympics in Korea?” Sadly, it looks like the answer is yes. Dog meat is still a delicacy in Korea, although younger generations are increasingly steering away from this dietary habit.

An arrest has been made in a shooting that happened outside a theater in The Edge in December.

That’s it for now. Back tomorrow.