Basil Chicken @ Soi Number 9 @ Food Truck Thursday in Court Square

Welcome to the second installment of the Perjorie T. Roll Lunch Series. Having accepted a new job in Germantown that I start a week from Monday, my troll and I are embarking on a farewell tour of our favorite Downtown lunch spots.

Thursdays are special days for lunch Downtown, as 10 to 20 food trucks gather in and around Court Square, selling their food to the public from 11 to 2. I walked over there at 11, determined to try a food truck I had never tried before. Thai street food sounded good, so I walked up to the Soi Number 9 truck. I have followed the truck on Twitter for several months and their food always looks yummy when they post photos.

As you can see, the Soi Number 9 food truck is actually not a truck at all, but a bus converted for cooking purposes.

The truck offers a small menu of authentic Thai street food. I ordered the Basil Chicken, which I took home to share with my troll.

The troll prefers to be standing next to the food in photos, but due to the height and shape of the box it just wasn’t possible this time. By the way, I noticed something… in all the times I have dined out with the troll, she has never once offered to pay. It’s always me that pays. What’s up with that?

The ground chicken dish was very good with just a hint of spice. They gave me a packet of soy sauce but I decided not to use it because it didn’t seem like it would work with the flavor of the food. I’m not normally an egg person but the fried egg on top of this dish was great.

You can read more about Soi Number 9 on a review my friend Michael Butler did for the I Love Memphis Blog back in November. I would definitely recommend this truck if you’re hungry for some authentic Asian food.

This is my second post today, so if it’s your first visit today keep scrolling down for lots of Thursday news.