Important Pabst news, a first visit to Civil Pour, Chandler Parsons hat and more Friday news

Longtime readers may have caught something in that title.

Many times I have titled previous posts “Important PBR news.” Note the different wording this time. That’s because my news is not about Blue Ribbon. Did you know Pabst makes other beers as well?

The Brass Door will have Pabst American Pale Ale for sale at the pocket park across the street for its St. Patrick’s Day shindig. There will be live music in the park all afternoon as well as stuff for kids. Also, it’s very cool that they’re doing a soccer and rugby skills contest benefiting Inner City Rugby. I’m very happy to see this and other efforts to make sports accessible to all kids of Memphis, regardless of family income.

With another week off and no need to job-hunt anymore, I wandered down to “my home away from home on the south side,” Max’s Sports Bar, yesterday to watch the Memphis Tigers eke out a win over USF in the first round of the AAC tournament. The Tigers play Tulsa today in the quarterfinals at 1. An upset win would put the Tigers at 21-12 and knocking on the door of an NIT bid.

Because the game started late, it was just after 4 when I left Max’s. As I walked up Main heading back to the Downtown core, I realized Civil Pour was open. Civil Pour is the small bar opened by Daniel Masters (Silly Goose/Pontotoc Lounge) in The South Main Market food hall and event space at 409 S. Main. Despite having only been open a few minutes yesterday, three of the seven bar seats were already taken, a good sign. I pulled up a stool and introduced myself to Nick, the bartender. I knew who he was because his reputation preceded him. Everyone I know who has been to Civil Pour has raved about what a great bartender he is and what quality cocktails he pours.

The refrigerator was stocked full of PBR in 16 ounce cans. “Normally I’m a PBR guy,” I told Nick. “Heck, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say I’m THE PBR guy. But that’s not the reason I came here today. I want a cocktail. What do you recommend?”

Nick pointed to a chalkboard hanging in the window. “Well, we’re about to change out our cocktail menu. These are our winter drinks. We’re about to change them out for the spring menu. Do you want something for the current menu, or do you want to preview something I’m working on for the spring?”

Reasoning that I will be back to try the spring menu after it rolls out, I decided to stick with the winter menu, and requested whichever drink was the most popular. “That’s the Wintersprung,” said Nick. “It’s made with rye, pink peppercorn, and cynar.” I had never heard of cynar before.

The drink was delicious and I was delighted I gave the place a try. Nick was a good conversationalist and I also got to meet Justin, who is a partner in the food hall and is involved with Civil Pour as well. The food hall is a friendly, welcoming place. Also, Justin and Nick both liked my troll a lot.

In other news about the food hall at 409, Wok’n in Memphis will have a pop-up lunch buffet there tomorrow.

On the walk back, I saw a late-model Camry with a custom landau roof. Someone spent good money to make their Camry look like a 1978 Ford LTD.

On to other news… Chandler Parsons hat to the first 5000 fans in FedExForum tonight for the Grizz vs. the Jazz. 7 PM tip.

I wonder if “25” is on the hat because that’s the number he wears on the court, or because that’s approximately the number of millions the Grizzlies pay him per year?

Here’s a video of the history of the Cossitt Library. The library is one of the assets of The Fourth Bluff and is being re-done as a community hub.

The Beale Street St. Patrick’s Day Parade has been set for 3 PM on Saturday the 17th. This event is kid-friendly and there will be plenty of opportunities to catch beads and candy. Look alive, though, because you might get hit in the head with a cabbage (I’m really being serious here). As usual, I will be standing outside the King’s Palace Cafe Tap Room (or possibly inside the Tap Room drinking a PBR).

By the way, if you look at the archives, I announced several days in advance that I would be standing outside the King’s Palace Tap Room for the March 2017 parade… it was a decision made well ahead of time… not one made at the spur of the moment, although the flying monkeys tried to spin it that way. Glad there will be one less flying monkey at this year’s parade.

Club 152 will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a number of specials: $5 Jameson Caskmates IPA, $5 Jameson Irish Whiskey, $5 Guinness, $5 green beer, $8 car bombs. Live music all day by Sean “Bad” Apple, Bonfire Orchestra, Bluff City Bandits, DJ Ron, and DJ Dnyce.

News story to keep an eye on: British PM Theresa May is threatening retaliatory action against Russia if it is proved that Vlad Putin was behind a poisoned spy attack on British soil. This could include a NATO build-up in eastern Europe. Yikes, I hope this isn’t a precursor to World War III.

Start Co. is having a happy hour at the Silly Goose beer garden at 5:30 PM on March 22. Anyone interested in the Memphis entrepreneurial, tech, or creative scene is welcome to come out and attend.

Fair warning: Any Downtown business that posts “come celebrate the end of Daylight Saving Time with us Sunday” is gonna get publicly shamed on this blog. Daylight Saving Time BEGINS Sunday and it will be time to spring forward. The sun will be setting a few minutes after 7 after the changeover.

YOGA! Downtown Yoga will host a workshop called How to Change Your Destiny from 1:30 to 5 PM tomorrow. The workshop, led by Sarla Nichols, will explore the relationship between quantum physics, yoga and meditation. They will study the concept that where you place your attention is where you put your energy, and what happens when you focus on one specific part of the body.

You know who else was a big believer on focusing on one part of the body? Arn Anderson.

Question on Facebook this morning: Which four Memphis wrestlers would you take with you to invade the WWE? My answer: Flex Kavana, Eddie Gilbert, Tojo Yamamoto, and of course the King.

Nothing to do this morning until a 12:15 haircut appointment, so I guess I’ll work through an AngularJS tutorial to pass the time. By the way if anyone is looking for a stylist, my neighbor Beckii at Rachel’s Salon at 10 N. Main does excellent work.

After that, I have a decision to make. The Tigers play Tulsa at 1 on ESPN2. Normally I would head to Max’s Sports Bar to watch that game… but, if I get the haircut finished 12:45ish, that won’t leave me time to walk down there before the game starts. Given that the game is on a normal cable channel and doesn’t require some kind of sports package, I could watch it at Bardog which is easily walkable in time for tip-off. Maybe I’ll do that then come down to Max’s this evening to watch my Hogs take on Florida in the SEC tournament.

Can you tell by the tone of these last four posts that I’m in a much better place than in recent weeks? No more recruiters to talk to, no more interviews to go on, no more skills tests to prepare for. I’m free to enjoy the remainder of my time off as I see fit.

That’s it for now. Due to the haircut and the game I may have to take a day off from the lunch series. Back tomorrow with more news.