Thursday update

Yesterday’s lunch was so good that I am going to lead right off with “what I had to eat on my work lunch hour.” I went to PizzaRev next to the International Paper headquarters on Poplar. Build-your-own-burrito fast food places have become a dime a dozen around town, but PizzaRev is doing something fresh by extending the concept to build-your-own personal pizza. Yes, I said fast food and pizza in the same sentence.

The way it works is, you look at their menu and you choose your crust, you choose your sauce, you choose your cheese, and you choose your toppings (proteins and veggies). If you’re not feeling creative you can order one of their “our way” pizzas.

So, I started building my pizza. I told the lady behind the counter I had never been there before and she was super sweet and helpful. I got the signature thin crust, alfredo sauce, and mozzarella. “I’ll have the smoked ham for my meat,” I told her.

“You realize it’s unlimited toppings, don’t you?” she replied. “With what you have now and a drink, it’ll be $11.80 with tax. You won’t spend more if you add more toppings.” So I added crispy bacon as a second meat, along with mushrooms, black olives, and red onions. They build your pizza on a wooden paddle, which they then stick in their 900-degree stone oven. It’s done in 3 minutes, which is how pizza can be fast food. This was my pizza:

This was delicious and I was done less than 35 minutes after I walked through the door, giving me a little time to explore the neighborhood. They are on UberEats and BiteSquad if you need your pizza delivered. They have an app as well with a rewards program, and while I don’t usually download restaurant apps, I see myself returning to PizzaRev often enough to earn some serious rewards. If you decide to get the PizzaRev app enter PAULRYB3053 as the promo code.

You can also host a fundraiser at PizzaRev and keep 20% of the proceeds.

I know Pyro’s is a similar concept. I will eventually get there too, but PizzaRev is a much more convenient drive.

I am really starting to embrace my Germantown work location and the great places to eat nearby (although, PizzaRev is technically within the Memphis city limits by a block or two). I am also starting to embrace going to lunch right at 11 AM. I get there before the restaurants get busy, and when I get back to the office at noon my co-workers are at lunch and I have the place to myself for a little while. Also, I since I return to the office about the time many are leaving for lunch, I get their good parking spaces.

On to the news… MATA will offer free bus rides next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in conjunction with the MLK50 observance.

Explore Bike Share has announced locations for its first 60 stations and there will be quite a few Downtown. There will be weekly, monthly, and yearly memberships ranging to $12 to $120. That gets you unlimited bike rides on state-of-the-art bikes with solar powered panels that have GPS and tell you things like miles traveled and calories burned. All you have to do when you’re riding on a membership is check in at one of the stations once every 60 minutes. A single ride without a membership will cost $5.

There’s also one other very cool membership option: “Give Your Neighbors a Lift,” for $200 a year. That buys you, and one Memphian in need of transportation, a one-year membership to the bike sharing service.

Belle Tavern hosts Michter’s Class Whiskey Tasting Saturday afternoon from 1 to 3:30 PM. $65 plus tax and grat gets you heavy hors d’oeuvres and 1 ounce pours of Michter’s

  • US*1 Rye
  • Small Batch Bourbon
  • US*1 Sour Mash
  • 10 Year Bourbon

Seating is very limited, so if you want to attend, to not delay to make reservations.

The Memphis Flyer has the complete story about the court case that resulted in Christopher Reyes, Sarah Fleming and their two small children to be evicted and to owe more than $100,000 in damages. I will say it again: The Madison Hotel and associated properties can expect no further promotion in my blog of events being held there.

Noel King of NPR is coming to town for the MLK50 celebration. He is interested in collecting stories of memories of Dr. King and how Memphis has changed since his death. Share your story on this comment form and an NPR producer may get in touch with you.

The Memphis in May Beale Street Music Fest app is now available for Apple and Android devices. You can view the musicians, set up your schedule, and view food vendor options.

Max’s Sports Bar will have a crawfish boil again this Saturday. You know the drill… bar opens at 11, first batch of crawfish out around noon, cooked by Glaze and his team, some of the best crawfish in town. You can get 1 or 2 pounds and they come with sides of corn, taters, sausage, and mushrooms.

There will be Games on Front the next five Fridays after work in the Cossitt Library courtyard, Front at Monroe. Free live music, free yard games, free hot dogs. There will be beer as well but I am assuming that isn’t free. This week’s live entertainment is Misti Rae and Adam Holton.

Downtown Night at the Grizzlies has been postponed until next season.

South of Beale is hiring for multiple positions. Apply in person between 1 and 4 PM Monday-Friday.

The CA’s Jennifer Biggs recently discovered the Snohaus Memphis snowcream truck and has a review. The truck will be on South Main tomorrow night.

My troll and I have a tasting to attend after work, so I won’t be out at the usual spots for happy hour. Look for a report on the tasting tomorrow, as well as more news.