Monday update

Normally I save political stuff for the end of posts, but today, I just can’t. The president of the United States announced that he believes Vladimir Putin, a former Soviet KGB agent, more than he believes the findings of America’s own intelligence agencies on the subject of whether Russia hacked the 2016 elections.

National Intelligence Director Dan Coats said a few days ago that the warning signs are all there that something bad is going to happen with Russia soon, just as the signs were there right before 9/11. You know, up until now I didn’t think our democracy was in serious danger. I always thought, patriotic Americans will fix this in the 2018 midterms, or the 2020 election, or Special Counsel Mueller will fix it. If Congress doesn’t wake up and remember that it is supposed to act as a check on the executive branch, I fear that America’s darkest days are ahead.

In the post-summit news conference, I wonder if any reporters asked Putin, “Does Donald spit or does he swallow?”

Sunday morning as I walked to Pontotoc Lounge, I was stopped by a TV reporter at Main and MLK Avenue. She asked if I was familiar with this mural:

I said, “Sure, I walk past it most every day.” The reporter then asked if I knew the city was considering repainting over it. I declined to be on camera – I had just gotten out of the shower and my hair was wet – but I hate to hear a repainting is being considered. I have enjoyed looking at this mural as I have walked back north from the Farmers Market, Pontotoc Lounge, and my other South Main spots the past 2 years. The CA has an article on why the repainting is under consideration.

Beale Street Caravan is launching a new initiative called I Listen to Memphis, a weekly video series that takes Memphis artists beyond public radio and on to new media. A donation of $50 or more gets you a commemorative screen print, access to the season 1 ILTM videos before release to the public, a 25% discount on merchandise, and invites to donor parties and shows.

There will be a groundbreaking for Arrive Hotel this Friday, July 20 at 2 PM. That’s the new boutique hotel going in at 477 South Main, the former Memphis College of Art graduate school space. The hotel will have 62 rooms, 2 restaurants, and meeting space. Wine and refreshments will be served at the groundbreaking.

Here’s a draft of the shared mobility ordinance that will be in front of the City Council.

That’s all I can muster today. So deeply embarrassed to have that vile orange treasonweasel in office.