Sunday update

Got a tip about Central BBQ wings yesterday that I thought I would pass on. “The bones in most hot wings are rock hard,” the guy sitting next to me told me, “but because Central smokes theirs, the bones tend to be a bit squishy about 75% of the time. So what you do is, you bite the tip of the bone off and suck the marrow out. It’s so good.”

Important note for those of you who drive the streets of South Main: South Main will be closed from Butler to G.E. Patterson tomorrow, Monday, August 13, from about 7 AM to 7 PM. MLGW is trying to track down a leak in that area. Trolley service will also be shut down on that stretch of Main.

Aldo, the proprietor of Bardog, Slider Inn, and Aldo’s Pizza Pies, and his partners are preparing to open Slider Out at 363 Mulberry. The building last housed a garage. Like Slider Inn, Slider Out will have ample patio seating.

The alley outside the Rendezvous will get some improvements soon, including re-paving, public art, and string lights. The goal is to make the heavily-traveled alley an inviting and safe place for locals and tourists.

The Broom Closet at 546 S. Main will be offering herbal healing consultations on Saturday, August 22.

Elvis Week continues at the Halloran Centre today with Elvis: Ultimate Gospel by tribute artist David Lee. Elvis had often said that gospel was his favorite type of music to sing.

A tattoo shop is coming to The Edge District. Brian Venable, guitarist of Lucero, will open Bluff City Tattoo in October at 667 Monroe. This will be not far from the building at 597 Madison the band bought for its headquarters a few years ago.

Time to crowdsource the name of a song… I was at Bardog a few days ago and a song came on the jukebox that went something like “oooowie ka ka sha sha choo choo yeah.” I thought to myself, the last time I heard that song, I was eating cheese dip at Taco Bell on Cantrell Road in Little Rock in 1981. I should have pulled up Shazam on my phone, but I didn’t. Anyone know the name of that song and the artist who performs it. Bonus points if you know the CD and track numbers on Bardog’s jukebox.

Miranda Sings comes to the Orpheum today. Miranda is the character of actor, comedian, vocalist and author Colleen Ballinger.

Here’s a link to add the Grizzlies schedule to your calendar.

NEEDTOBREATHE plays Mud Island tonight at 7 PM.

That’s all for now. Back tomorrow with more news.