Sunday update

Choose901 had an excellent post that is worth bookmarking. It’s a list of restaurants of every ethnicity in the Memphis area.

What was Coach Norvell thinking, going for a two-point conversion when the Tigers were up 34-30 with about a minute and a half to go? What good was 36 going to do for Memphis as opposed to 35? There were a lot of people asking what was going on with the two-point conversion, when Wake ran the ball back to midfield and then Memphis kicked it off rather than Wake taking possession when they had it. This Wikipedia page clarifies it.

Last night I was discussing my recent Court Square food truck rodeo adventures on Thursdays with a friend. I told him, “I’ve tried just about every type of food at the food truck rodeo at this point… except BBQ. I can’t see getting BBQ from a truck when there are so many good restaurants close by, and besides I’m on a team.”

“There’s one you should try, though,” my friend said. “Smurfey’s is really good. Get their BBQ nachos. I’ve heard their potato is really good too, topped with pork shoulder with that good bark on it.” I should mention this friend knows a thing or two about BBQ, being one of the cooks on my team, so I will take his recommendation seriously and thought I would pass it on to my readers. I will walk up there and give Smurfey’s a look on Thursday.


Short post today but around Christmas there’s not much news. Back tomorrow (or the next time I have something to report) with more.