Friday update – “let’s go somewhere and have some fun” scam is back

Almost exactly a year ago today, one of my good friends got robbed outside his apartment at Main and Gayoso. He’d been at a bar nearby, where two women struck up conversation with him. One was fairly tall, straight hair, very well dressed like she was out for a night on the town. The other was shorter, dark hair, darker skinned, more heavyset. They came in, took the seats next to my friend and chatted him up, suggesting that the three of them go somewhere and have some fun. Sensing that something was not right, my friend got out of there. However, the women had enough time to text their male accomplice outside that he was coming out  a side door, and the accomplice put a gun to my friend’s head and demanded his wallet.The next day the more heavyset of the two women attempted to cash a blank check that had been in the wallet for a very large amount, so large that the bank suspected something was wrong and contacted my friend.

I am about 95% sure these same two women were at the same bar I was last night, and in fact sat next to me. They didn’t speak to me other than to ask if I had a lighter, but they chatted up another regular at this bar on the other side of them. The more well-dressed woman got to talking and laughing with him and I believe he bought them a round of drinks. At one point a man came in the bar. He had a shirt on that was untucked and a size or two too large – perfect for concealing a gun. He never interacted with the two women at the bar, but stood in their general vicinity as though he could have come inside to get a good look at who they were talking to. He got asked to leave by staff, not sure why. I’m not positive but I believe he could have been the accomplice.

I just wanted to pass this story on for the benefit of my male readers. I believe, based on the time of year they’re getting out, the women and their accomplice may be trying to take advantage of people in town for the weekend for the Liberty Bowl.

Also, if you get victimized by these people, please file a police report. Police need to build up a record of what they look like, what kinds of places they go and when, who they tend to target. If the officer on duty tells you filing a police report won’t help you get your belongings back, fill one out anyway and ask to speak to a supervisor if you have to. You may not get your stuff back but you might prevent others from getting robbed.

The Washington post has a fantastic article on Grizzlies rookie Jaren Jackson Jr. He showed signs of being a prodigy from an early age, and now he has some outstanding mentors in his parents, Coach Bickerstaff, and Marc Gasol.

There’s going to be a Rock-n-Romp at Memphis Made Brewing Co. tomorrow afternoon, Saturday, December 29 starting at 2 PM. These romps expose kids to live music at an early age. Performing will be Summer Avenue, James from James and the Ultrasounds, and The Wealthy West. They’re looking for volunteers to work the door, with $5 cover and kid requirement waived for volunteers.

Random thing I learned yesterday: Green sriracha sauce exists. It was  part of a sriracha box a friend of mine received as a gift.

Bartenders, servers, hosts, hostesses, cooks: There will be a job fair on January 14 to hire for Downtown restaurants Sunrise Memphis, 117 Prime, and a new restaurant to open soon, as well as for Midtown restaurants Sweet Grass/Next Door.

It continues to be a slow news week so that’s all I’ve got. Back tomorrow with more news.