Tuesday update

Apologies for taking a rare two days off in a row. As I mentioned in a recent post, I read a book last week that changed my life. It answered all the “Why did this happen to me?” questions I had about events the past four and a half years that previously made no sense. It felt like, although I had never met her, the author wrote the book just for me and I wanted some time to reflect upon it. If I had spare money lying around, I’d buy a copy for every member of the crew that sits at the corner table at Max’s Sports Bar. I know several of them have asked my close friends “What’s going on with Paul?” several times over the past few years, and this book would provide the answers.

A lot of news has piled up during my time away from the blog. Let’s go…

The Commerical Appeal is getting a new hone. Having consolidated its operations with sibling papers in Nashville and Knoxville, the CA no longer needs the massive building they have out in The Edge District on Union Avenue. They are moving into the third floor of 119 South Main, in the space formerly occupied by Oden. If the 119 S. Main address sounds familiar to my readers, it’s because the ground floor is occupied by one of the businesses mentioned most frequently on this blog – the Blind Bear. CA employees, when you move into your new digs, check them out for their weekday lunch. Or, if you can’t get away from your desk, they’re on UberEats.

This isn’t set in stone yet, but Marcus the cook at the Blind Bear told me he’s going to try to have a lunch special at the Bear this Wednesday – chicken fried steak with jalapeno cream gravy, mashed potatoes and okra. If that happens my troll and I will be there for sure. You know how I feel about chicken fried steak!

Here’s a recap of WWE Monday Night RAW from FedExForum last night. I didn’t go but it was said to be an above average show, setting the RAW brand up to go in new directions for 2019.

Before Monday Night RAW, a number of WWE Superstars toured the National Civil Rights Museum and presented a $10,000 donation on behalf of the company. Very cool move.

My friend Michael Butler, a talented photographer and author of the One901 blog, wants to pick one lucky couple to do a Valentine’s Day photo shoot, along with his creative team. Shoot a picture to one901blog@gmail.com by January 21 to enter for a chance to win.

Friends of mine are looking to rent their 3 BR/3 BA condo at 575 S. Front. This would be just south of G.E. Patterson, right across Front from the Memphis Farmers Market. They are awesome people and would be great landlords.

Good show coming to The Dirty Crow Inn this Saturday night: Brad Birkedahl makes his debut there. Lots of good rockabilly and Elvis. Brad spends a lot of time playing Beale Street.

The CA has an editorial by Congressman Steve Cohen: It’s time to abolish the Electoral College

Grizzlies announcer Pete Pranica has tips on how to get picked as the FedEx Fan of the Game and receive great prizes:

Coredlia’s Market is having a Girl Scout Cookie and beer pairing on February 27.

The CA’s Jennifer Chandler has a look at 3 meatless lunches for under $10, and you can get one of those lunches Downtown: the grilled portabella mushroom sandwich from Central BBQ.

The Downtown Flying Saucer has a grilled lamb taco on special all week long this week. Sounds yummy!

Ballet Memphis has a job opening for a Donor Relations Manager.

The CA has a review of Justin Timberlake’s recent Memphis show.

If you’re looking for a reason to go to the Peabody’s Sunday brunch buffet, here’s one for you: chocolate covered bacon.

Sunday I thought back to a very Memphis-y game I had in my childhood: Pass the Pigs (originally called Pig Mania). The game has two dice, shaped like pigs, and you score points (or lose your turn) based on the position in which the pigs land. If I had known I would one day be on a BBQ team I would not have given that game away.

The Millennium Tour comes to FedExForum Sunday, March 24.

Statistical analysis site FiveThirtyEight has a great piece on why Kamala Harris and Beto O’Rourke have more upside than Biden or Bernie. Between them, they appeal to five key bases that are vital to electing a Democrat in 2020: The Left, millennials, African-Americans, Hispanics, and party loyalists. A Kamala/Beto ticket sounds like a winner to me. Some say Beto should be the presidential nominee because he has the “it” factor that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama had, but Sen. Harris has more relevant experience and it’s time to have a woman of color in the Oval Office. Beto is young and there will still be plenty of time for him to be the nominee in later elections.

By the way, I am not a Bernie supporter anymore. He’s too soft on Russia. I believe “hawk on Russia” has got to be the number-one quality in a presidential nominee, given all that has happened since 2016. I also am not a fan of any Democratic candidate over 70, except Joe Biden and that’s only if he promises to serve for one term and picks a youthful, progressive running mate .

All right. Finally to the end of this long post. I need to not skip days and let news build up in the future. Back tomorrow with more news.