Saturday update: News and the great pizza debate

If you have general admission tickets for the Justin Timberlake concert tonight, you must enter FedExForum at the east doors on Fourth Street, across from Robert Church Park. At that entrance you will be given your wristband.

Walk With Elias: The Commercial Appeal interviewed WWE superstar Elias ahead of Monday Night RAW at FedExForum.

Hard Knot Designs, makers of rustic home goods, are the featured shop at today’s Small Shop Saturday at Ghost River noon to 4 PM.

Drafts & Laughs with the Comma Comedians returns to Memphis Made Brewing Co. tonight.

The fine folks at have published the 2018 Memphis climate summary on their blog. Interesting reading if you’re a weather nerd like I am.

A Facebook friend of mine posted an article about a new device that is getting Kickstarter funding: The Pizza Fork. This is a utensil that combines a rolling pizza slicer wheel and a fork. It allows you to slice off a bite of your pizza slice then pick it up without need for a knife. So it’s time to discuss an issue I have brought up on my blog in the past, one on which I have strong feelings.

Should pizza be eaten with a knife and fork (or The Pizza Fork), or should it be eaten using your hands?

Well, first of all, if the pizza crust is too soggy to pick up with your hands without the cheese and toppings falling off, then yeah, in that case you pretty much have to use a knife and fork. But that’s an exception and also a sign that you need to visit a different pizzeria in the future.

The answer to the question, as I see it, is on an individual basis. Let’s say that it’s Sunday afternoon, and you’re home by yourself, sitting on the couch in your underwear watching the Bears play the Steelers. The Domino’s guy just delivered a pizza to your door.

If you eat the Domino’s pizza with a knife and fork, then it is perfectly fine to use a knife and fork when you go to a nice restaurant like Spindini and order pizza.

However, if you eat the Domino’s pizza using your hands, then you should also use your hands when eating pizza at a nice restaurant.

I know that many of us had parents or teachers who taught us, “A gentleman/lady does not eat food with his/her hands.” But come on, use some common sends. Yes, it is bad manners to grab a Brussels sprout out of the bowl and pop it in your mouth. But pizza? For heaven’s sake, it’s pizza. It was meant to be eaten with hands.

Just my two cents on this highly important debate. Back tomorrow with more news.