Monday update

Usually my posts get shorter as we enter the dog days of summer. Spring festival season has ended and people mostly want to be indoors where there’s air conditioning. However, lots of interesting events happening this month, many of them on Saturdays, came to my attention yesterday. Let’s have a look.

There will be an Island Block Party on Saturday, June 22 from 11 AM to 3 PM on Harbor Town Square. Food trucks, games, live music, and booths with information about businesses and organizations on Mud Island. Cordelia’s Market is the main host, but the way they see it, the more businesses on the Island that participate, the more this festival will unite the Island as a community. Participating businesses include

Nail Bar
Cafe Eclectic
Joy’s Harbor Town Pharmacy
Wolf River Conservatory
Memphis River Parks Partnership
Higginbotham Family Dental – Harbor Town
Harbor Town Day Spa and Wellness Center
Estates at River Pointe
Island Park and Harbor Town Square Apartments
Belle Harbour Apartments
Arbors Harbor Town

YOGA! Friday, June 21 is International Yoga Day, and the following day, Saturday, June 22, there will be an all-day yoga fundraiser for St. Jude. It will be at Wellhouse Fitness at 1029 Cherry out in East Memphis. Seven yoga mini-classes will be taught throughout the day, each with the theme of the St. Jude mission and “warrior” intentions woven in. Greg Graber, author of Slow Your Roll, will kick things off with an intro to meditation and mindfulness. Yoga sessions of 30-45 minutes will follow and lunch will be provided.

The day of yoga costs $50 and helps ensure that families of children treated at St. Jude never receive a bill for the treatment. In addition to the yoga classes, your registration fee gets you a chance at door prizes and a St. Jude thank you gift. If you wish to make an additional donation, you may get a tank top or yoga gear from Athleta.

If you’re looking for something athletic to do that involves drinking, check out the Memphis Margarita Madness 5K Run out at Shelby Farms on Saturday, June 22. This is an event less focused on speed and more focused on margaritas and good times! Avid runners and park walkers alike welcome at this race. Needless to say, you must be at least 21 to participate.

Also on Saturday the 22nd, Elite Total Health at Main and MLK will be closed for the day. If you go by there regularly for B-12 shots, sinus cocktails, or hydration therapy, make sure to schedule around that date.

Primas Bakery + Boutique at 523 S. Main will host a donut tasting this Saturday, June 8 from noon to 2 PM. Participants will enjoy a flight of four donuts along with complimentary brunch beverages. Donut flavors include funfetti, lemon blueberry, Almond Joy, and carrot cake.

The large portrait of Kramer from the TV series Seinfeld was recently taken from The Dirty Crow Inn. This portrait has sentimental value to Paul who runs the place. If returned, no questions will be asked.

Important read for dog owners: How to tell if the pavement is too hot for your dog’s feet. Short version: If you can’t keep the back of your hand on the pavement for 5 seconds, your dog’s paws don’t belong on it either.

Seems like there’s a subscription service for everything these days. You can now get the world’s hottest peppers mailed to you every month.

Congratulations to friends out in Las Vegas playing in World Series of Poker events this week, some of whom cashed in their events over the weekend.

The Arkansas Razorbacks men’s baseball team closed out the Fayetteville Regional without a loss, beating TCU 6-0 last night. They will advance to the best-2-of-3 Super Regional, playing SEC rival Ole Miss. Arkansas is the higher national seed, so the Super Regional will be hosted in Fayetteville. Game times will be released tomorrow.

You probably already suspected this, but it’s been confirmed: Alligators are in Tennessee. They are able to survive the cold winters due to a bodily function called brumation, similar to hibernation. A park ranger pointed out that gators are generally not a threat to humans if you leave them alone, and that the gators that are the biggest threat to Tennesseans are the Florida Gators football team. LOLOLOLOL!!!

Thanks to my friend Ariel, who brought me the newest item in my PBR collection yesterday:

Some of the Moody Ques were at brunch yesterday, and we discussed something that happened at BBQ Fest. Someone carefully laid a dollar in the business area of one of our porta-potties, wanting to see if anyone would be willing to put their hands in human waste to retrieve it. As far as we know, no one did.

“A dollar is not worth it,” said team president John D. “Now, if it were a 100, then I might have to go after it. After all, we have all kinds of hand sanitizer and cleaning agents in the booth.”

That got our most analytical team member, Otto, to pose a question. Assuming you can get just one bill for any amount, at what point would it become worth it to retrieve the bill from the waste? General consensus was somewhere around 40. If I ever teach again, this will be a problem I present to my calculus students.

That’s it for today! Back tomorrow with more news.