Tuesday update

The Memphis Flyer is now accepting nominations for its over 100 categories in its 2019 Best of Memphis poll. The Flyer is not the only publication that does these types of awards, but their poll is generally considered the most reliable, the real deal. The Flyer’s poll is run by their editorial department, not their marketing department, and you can only vote once, rather than once per day or once per hour. They are really about finding out who’s best, rather than getting as many eyeballs on their website’s ads as possible. If you have a favorite ethnic restaurant, or record store, or bartender, or whatever, nominate them and make sure they get on the list. You have until June 27 to nominate, and voting begins August 1.

Jennifer Biggs of the Daily Memphian hosts Destination:Delicious lunches around town where she can break bread with her readers and get to know them. She’s bringing Destination:Delicious Downtown on Friday, June 14, and the venue will be Pontotoc Lounge, noon to 2 PM. The lounge normally isn’t open for lunch, but owner Daniel Masters is making a special exception for this event. Lunch will be served family style. Dishes will come from Pontotoc’s menu and the Mississippi Pot Roast has been promised to be one of them. Meal, tax and tip will be $25.85 for Daily Memphian subscribers and $32.85 for non-subscribers (the difference, $7, being exactly the cost of subscribing for a month). Wine specials and a signature cocktail will be available at an additional cost.

I have to admit I’m considering it. Conversation with Jennifer and other Memphis foodies would be fun, and that Mississippi pot roast is out of this world good.

Fino’s, the legendary Midtown deli that will reopen this Thursday, now has its menu posted online. Can’t go wrong with anything on there, but if you haven’t made up your mind I would point you in the direction of the hot, open-faced Italian roast beef.

Cow worried it will never live up to its father’s USDA rating. Psychiatrists for cows: the growing job market for the 2020s.

The Master Taster’s Club returns to the Chez Philippe at the Peabody tonight at 5:30. $25 gets you an expert sampling of American wines. If you choose to stay after the event, from 7 to 9 there will be half-off appetizers and wines explored by the club that evening.

Avocado toast is popular these days, and I know I have at least one reader who eats it frequently for breakfast. Well, the price is about to go up. Avocados are one of the exports from Mexico that will get more expensive if Trump puts tariffs in place to penalize our southern nation for not stopping immigration at their border. Lifehacker has a list. Thanks Trump!

The People’s Convention will happen this weekend at Paradise Entertainment Center this Saturday. Broad political issues will be discussed, which will lead to a slate of candidates for the fall election to be endorsed by the convention. 18 Memphis mayoral candidates have said they will attend, although current mayor Strickland and former mayor King Willie do not plan to be there.

The Memphis Tigers football team is set to play a three-game series with Arkansas in the years to come. The game will be in the Liberty Bowl in 2025, and then in Fayetteville in 2026 and 2028. Although a straight home-and-home would obviously be preferable, this two-and-one is worth it. Memphis adds an SEC school to its nonconference schedule, and if the two football teams remain at the level they are, Memphis will win easily. Also, Memphis will be paid very well for the series.

Courtyard by Marriott will hold its last patio party of the season tonight. DJ John E will play island favorites. The hotel is at the corner of Main and Jefferson.

Richmond, Virginia based band The Bush League will play Earnestine & Hazel’s Saturday, June 22 from 9 PM to 1 AM. This will be a stop on the band’s “3000 Mile Start to Summer 2019” tour.

There will be a run across Big River Crossing to celebrate Global Running Day tomorrow evening. Following the run, Loflin Yard will offer drink specials. Coach Kevin of Can’t Stop Training will be there to answer your running-related questions.

There’s talk that the Houston Rockets will trade Chris Paul this offseason. I guess he’ll have to get a new State Farm agent if he does.

Slideshow by the MBJ: Six Downtown and Midtown developments set to move forward. These include ARRIVE Hotel, The Ravine, FedEx Logistics, and more.

That’s it for now. My hair stylist Beckii had a noon cancellation and I grabbed it, so I’m about to head over there. I’ll be out later this afternoon. Back tomorrow with more news.