Tuesday update

I’m going to start off this post with an update on how my new mattress is doing.

For those who don’t know the back-story, I had been badly in need of a new mattress for a couple of years. I assumed that a quality mattress would set me back $700 or more, so I put off the purchase longer than I should have. Then one Sunday at the Blind Bear, a friend told me she ordered a memory foam mattress from Amazon. She said it was only about $150 and was very comfortable.

I was skeptical that a good mattress could be had for that price, so for a long time I did not get on Amazon. However, in March of this year, “Springy,” my old mattress, became so uncomfortable that I had to do something. I got on Amazon and found the AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress. It was $169. I added it to my cart and with shipping and tax it was $215. For that small amount of money I figured I’d take a chance. It was shipped to me in a large box which I was able to haul from my apartment’s leasing office to my apartment by myself. Nice, no waiting on a delivery truck! I cut open the cardboard and over the next 15 minutes the mattress filled out to its full size. I let it rest 72 hours before sleeping on it, as the instructions recommended.

Three months later, I LOVE my mattress. It is so soft and comfortable, and yet there is plenty of support as well. I probably even go to bed earlier than I used to because I am so excited to sleep in my bed. I haven’t reviewed it on Amazon, but if I do I will give the mattress five stars. If I slept on it not knowing the price, and somebody told me it cost $800, I’d have no problem believing them.

However, two minor things:

  • This mattress is very soft… which I love, but if you’re the type of person who requires a very firm mattress, this will not be the right fit for you.
  • Because the mattress is memory foam and has no springs, you can’t easily bounce out of bed in the mornings. You have to make an effort to pull yourself up.

The Peanut Shoppe on Main between Madison and Monroe will be open for the first time ever on July 4 this year. Go see them between 10 and 5. I’d like to make a personal plea for my readers to shop with them. Due to construction down the street, visibility to their entrance is partly blocked and I think that has caused a lot of people to pass them by without realizing there is a nut and candy store there. Also, the closure of Court House Deli next door has led some people to assume the Peanut Shoppe closed too – no, they are open. These are wonderful, local people and they deserve your support.

There will be a total solar eclipse in parts of Chile and Argentina today. Here’s how to watch it from anywhere in the world. Coverage will begin at 12:23 PM PDT, which would be 2:23 our time.

One of my readers had an idea how to satisfy everyone at Tom Lee Park. He said, if AutoZone Park can be converted from a baseball stadium to a soccer stadium and back, could something similar not be done for Tom Lee? That’s an idea that’s ambitious, to say the least, given that the purpose of Tom Lee Park is to shore up the bluff as much as it is to give people a place to go.

Man, the Bird scooters are getting no love at all. A scooter graveyard was recently cleaned up in South Memphis, where about 25 Birds were found dumped at the end of a road.

I’ve never been a coffee drinker but I may have to become one. PBR Hard Coffee is a thing now. Produced by Pabst, the coffee is 5% alcohol by volume and is said to taste like Yoo-Hoo or frappucino.

Programming note: I may take July 4 off from blogging, unless something big or time-sensitive comes my way.

USWNT vs. England is on at 2. Silly Goose is my probable watch destination. Back tomorrow with more news.