Lost dog + Tuesday news

This dog went missing from Loflin Yard recently:

Please be on the lookout for her if you live in the south end of Downtown. Her name is Lola and she is a 7-year-old boxer. She has a GPS collar but the battery is dead. If you find her, contact me at paul@paulryburn.com or private-message me on Facebook or Twitter and I will get you in touch with the owner. Although, the owner works at Loflin Yard, so it might be easier if you just call up there.

Sorry for no post yesterday. I guess you could say I took a personal day. I haven’t heard back about the job I applied for last week, and anxiety started to kick in. I also realized that Friday is the five-year anniversary of the beginning of a very unhappy time in my life that continues to this day. Although I had about seven news items in the queue, it all just kind of got to me, and I ended up going to Bardog at 9 AM. I know that drinking at 9 in the morning is not the healthiest way to deal with problems, but it’s the route I chose yesterday.

You know, several times a day I get asked, “Any news on that job yet?” The people are asking because they care about me, they’re rooting for me, and they want to see me do well. But it turns into a several-times-a-day reminder that I haven’t heard anything back about the job. It depresses me even more. By the way, it’s quite common to apply for an IT job and not hear anything back after a week. Sometimes it’s two, four weeks or even more. Interviews often have to be delayed due to people going on vacation, urgent projects that have to get done, etc.

There’s a hot deal going on in AutoZone Park right now, where you can get a bluff seat for every game there during the month of August for $20. That’s 16 Memphis Redbirds games and one Memphis 901 FC match. Barely more than a dollar a game! They are offering the deal to celebrate the park’s 20th anniversary.

There’s a new business called Feast & Graze that makes custom charcuterie boards and delivers them to your home or office. They are taking pre-orders now and their delivery area is Shelby County.

Tonight is WWE Smackdown Live at FedExForum. I had previously heard that Hall of Famer Trish Stratus might come out of retirement to wrestle Charlotte Flair. It’s now believed that Stratus will be there, and will be a guest on Jerry Lawler’s King’s Court interview segment to kick off the program with Flair.

Lawler, by the way, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Hardeman County, claiming that staff at the jail there failed to adequately protect his son Brian Christopher Lawler from other inmates there. Brian was found dead in his cell a year ago yesterday. It was ruled a suicide by hanging at the time, but evidence suggests that he may have been murdered.

Tonight’s show at FedExForum will not be the last WWE event of the year in the Memphis metro. WWE’s developmental brand NXT comes to the Landers Center in September. This is your chance to see up-and-coming stars who will be on the Raw and Smackdown brands a year or two from now. The wrestling tends to be top-notch, often better than on the main shows. Champions Adam Cole and Shayna Bazler are scheduled to be there.

United Way has a position open for Associate, Community and Corporate Engagement.

Registration is under way for Max’s Sports Bar’s fall cornhole tournament. It will happen on 6 Tuesdays beginning August 27. There are drink specials for players. Max says the prizes have been significant, although he didn’t say exactly what they were. Also, a portion of the purse gets donated to a charity chosen by the winning team.

The Redbirds are back in town tonight with a 6:35 game.

Fast Company reports that the next big thing in fashion is not washing your clothes. We’re running out of ideas here, people.

Another trend that is big Downtown right now: Taking a video of yourself shotgunning a White Claw and posting it to Facebook. White Claw is a hard seltzer that comes in 16 ounce cans and is the latest trend in getting white girl wasted. It’s said to be what Zima was in the 1990s in terms of market appeal. Needless to say, I have not strayed from old reliable PBR. Takeout asks, why are people so obsessed with White Claw?

Memphis Travel has put together a rockabilly fan’s guide to Memphis.

That’s the news for now. Let me know if you see the dog. Back tomorrow with more news.