Thursday update

Fun night at Blind Bear trivia last night. New trivia host Patrick has re-formatted trivia into four rounds, with questions worth 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, and a bonus question of 10. The first round’s theme was patriots, and we ended the round tied for first place with a score of 24.

The second round’s theme was clowns, and we ended up tied for first place with a score of 44.

The third round’s theme was Manhattan, and we ended up tied for first place with the same team again, with a score of 64.

The fourth round’s theme was robots, and we absolutely fell apart, scoring only 11 points. I was sure we had surrendered the lead, and changed our team name to “We are the Tennessee Vols of trivia… we fall apart in the 4th.”

(Side note to our opponents: I am in no way implying that you are the Georgia State Panthers of trivia. Congratulations on a fine game.)

Anyway, after Patrick checked everyone’s 4th round bonus answers, he came over to us and told us we were STILL tied for first with the same team. I don’t think that’s ever happened before, a tie after each of four rounds… well, I know it hasn’t, because there have only been four rounds for two weeks.

We won the bonus question, which was the population of New York City (8.3 million) to win the game. With a record of 1-1 the past two weeks including an overtime victory, I guess I have to retract my statement that we’re the Vols of trivia.

On to the news… the Redbirds are partnering with I Love Memphis and Memphis Travel to offer $5 tickets to the Triple-A National Championship to be held at AutoZone Park next Tuesday. You must use this link to get the deal. All ticket purchases come with a free order of BBQ nachos, a drink, and a Redbirds hat. Now, that’s quite a deal!

Yesterday I blogged about Cooper-Young Fest, and what a massive event it is. If you’re looking for something smaller, check out Cooper-York Fest in the Memphis Made Brewing taproom and parking lot on Saturday. They’ll be open 9 to 7 with plenty of beers, and they’re bringing back Lime Junt and Red Handed Altbier for the occasion. Food trucks Soi Number 9, New Wing Order, and MEMPopS will be there. Live music starting at 1 by Unapologetic and Friends, Zero x Eillo, Magnolia, Jay Deskreet, Hannya, Kid Maestro, Aaron James, Hippy Soul, and Qemist. The Memphis Gaelic Athletic Association will perform demonstrations of their sport.

Edible Memphis reports that Pasta 409, in the Puck Food Hall at 409 S. Main, has been renamed Pasta DiStrada and now offers half portions for $6.

Chris Ferri of Belle Tavern demonstrates how to make Buffalo cherry limeade for The Daily Memphian’s Bar Talk this week.

I tried another pizza from the Silly Goose wood-fired oven last night: The Spicy Boy.

Aribata, pepperoni, mozzarella, oregano, lunch box peppers, and parmesan make up this pizza. Very tasty, probably my third favorite behind the Big Cheese and the Sancho. You might want to stop and get some Tums before you order this.

For those who haven’t heard of lunch box peppers before, here’s a link.

Pizza chef Parker told me that although they took the pizza with pineapple on it off the menu, you can still request pineapple as an extra topping on any of their pizzas. I won’t be making such a request.

That’s it for now. Back soon with more news.