Friday update

I went back to River Time Market & Deli on the south side of Court Square yesterday to try another sandwich. After a minute studying the menu I ordered the Full of Bologna.

This sandwich is made of fried beef bologna with your choice of cheese, on your choice of a sandwich roll or Texas toast. It is then heated, making the cheese all nice and melty, and it’s topped with lettuce and tomato and your choice of mustard or mayonnaise. I got Swiss cheese, the sandwich roll, mustard, and I asked them to hold the tomato.

This sandwich was delicious. The meltiness of the Swiss was out of this world and the flavor of the bologna was on point. I would recommend this to anybody who likes a good fried bologna sandwich. As with all sandwiches at River Time, you get a pickle spear and your choice of chips or potato salad.

The couple who owns the deli and who makes all the sandwiches introduced themselves to me. Apparently yesterday, the day after I posted a photo of their Memphis Walker sandwich to the Memphis Sandwich Clique Facebook group, they got really busy, and people told them they discovered the place because of my post. The owners are Downtowners too. They said they live right around the corner from the deli.

The official announcement came yesterday: Raymond James is leaving Downtown. Approximately 800 employees will be relocated to office space in the Poplar-Ridgeway area. Sucks for all those people who bought homes Downtown so they would have a quick commute to work, and now they’re going to spend an hour in traffic every day.

There will be a Memphis Chinese Heritage & Culture Festival in Handy Park on Beale 2 to 5 Sunday. Arts and crafts, demonstrations, music, and a dragon dance will be among the events.

My friend Corey Hollywood’s catering company The Kitchen Guru is having a brunch this Sunday from 1 to 4 in the afternoon. Your ticket includes bottomless mimosas, a brunch buffet, and specialty drinks. The brunch will be held on a Downtown rooftop and ticket holders will be emailed the location and instructions for how to get in. Go to The Kitchen Guru website to purchase your tickets.

The Memphis Flyer reports that a documentary on The Little Tea Shop is in the works. The restaurant on Monroe, featuring meat-and-two lunches, is popular among businesspeople.

Birdhouses on the Bluff happens tomorrow, Saturday, September 14, from 11:30 AM to 1 PM at River Garden park on Riverside. Come assist in building 100 birdhouses that will be placed at various locations around Fourth Bluff. In urban areas, it is explained, it is hard for birds to find suitable places to rest, and most will choose an enclosed structure if one is available. This event is sponsored by Cossitt Library.

In other Cossitt news, every Friday they have a Rock, Paper, Scissors Series at the pop-up library in the Puck Food Hall, 409 S. Main. Come learn about this game and play the staff.

Yup, that exists: Golden Girls Chia Pets

The Commercial Appeal has 5 things you need to know about the future of Downtown parking.

The Broom Closet on South Main will host an Are You Psychic? workshop on October 19. Cost is $40 and the two-hour workshop will be based on the award-winning workbook “Soul Exercises for the Open Mind” by John Cappello.

New life is coming to the building that formerly housed The Pier restaurant. 99 and 105 S. Front will be renovated into 112 apartments and 2 ground-floor retail spaces. There is parking underneath the building.

Early voting starts today, and the mayoral race is making national news. From the Huffington Post: Tami Sawyer battles racist caricatures and threats in bid to become Memphis’ first female mayor

A Vibe on the Island is back tonight at Mud Island River Park beginning at 6 PM. Trap jazz is tonight’s theme.

That’s it for now. Time to get to work. This weekend I’ll try to catch my readers up on what’s been going on with me personally lately.