Sunday update

Sunday has become known on this blog as the day I trash-talk the University of Tennessee men’s Division I Lady Vols powder puff football team. Today, however, I am taking a day off from that venture. I have bigger fish to fry. Specifically, the Kansas Jayhawks men’s basketball program.

You may have heard that Kansas is under investigation. A year ago, a former Adidas consultant testified that he helped pay off recruits in exchange for directing them to enroll at Kansas. He claims Kansas coach Bill Self and his assistants didn’t know, but it’s looking more and more like he committed perjury. Self’s job could be on the line here.

So, you know how Penny held Memphis Madness a few days ago, bringing in nationally known rappers to impress recruits? Well, Kansas did kind of the same thing, bringing in the biggest Dogg of them all – Snoop Dogg. Snoop put on a killer performance, complete with stripper poles, SHOWERING FAKE DOLLAR BILLS over the heads of prospective recruits. Does anyone see a problem here?

A lot of people were disappointed when chili was taken off Bardog Tavern’s menu for the warm summer. Well, now that we’re in a month where the maximum temperature is no higher than 98, chili has returned to the menu. Bardog has some of the best chili in town and they can use it to top a hot dog too.

The Flyer has Mac Edwards’ side of the story about his recent removal as Caritas Village executive director. The former owner of McEwen’s was let go by the nonprofit’s board of directors. I don’t know Mac real well but I’ve always respected him, and even more so after reading this article.

District 7, which includes parts of Downtown, is headed to a runoff for its City Council seat. Get to know Michalyn Easter-Thomas, a Shelby County Schools teacher and founder of nonprofit Our Grass, Our Roots. Berlin Boyd has occupied that seat long enough and it’s time for some new blood.

Dear Evan Hansen, the 2017 Tony award winner for Best Musical, has a run at the Orpheum Tuesday through next Sunday.

There’s a Monsters Inc. party at Primas Bakery + Boutique at 523 S. Main today at 1:30. Petit Fours, cookies, donuts, macarons, coffee, tea, punch, and they will show the movie.

Hoops and Hops happens at 11 in Madison Avenue Park next to the First Tennessee building. Take a hula hoop fitness class with Heidi, then walk across Madison to the Brass Door for a pint of hops.

That’s it for now. Stayed out past midnight for the first time in a while last night and I’m definitely feeling it this morning. Back tomorrow with more news.