Saturday update

Football fans, be sure to turn on ESPN2 this morning at 11. The Memphis Tigers-Temple Owls game will be broadcast nationally. ESPN has the Tigers at about a 64% chance to get the W, but a lot of analysts are saying Temple’s home field advantage will make this the Top 25 upset of the week. Hopefully ESPN’s computers know better than the analysts.

Job news: Slider Inn Downtown will host an onsite job fair from 4 to 6 PM tomorrow, Sunday, October 13. They are hiring for all front of house and back of house positions. This would be a great place to work. The thing about Aldo is, he expects you to bring your A-game every day and deliver an awesome customer experience, but if you do that he takes great care of you. Look no further than Bardog for proof – many of the people who were there on opening day 11 years ago still work there. The new Slider Inn is at the corner Talbot and Mulberry, one block east of South Main Street.

Aldo has been known to move people to his other restaurant locations, often at their request, so if you really want to work at Slider Inn Midtown, or one of the Aldo’s Pizza Pies locations, or at Bardog, this might be a foot in the door.

Oh, speaking of Aldo’s Pizza Pies… they’re hiring too! The Downtown location is looking to bring on kitchen staff, a server, and delivery staff. Apply in person at 100 S. Main.

The Memphis Business Journal has a look at the trivia and bingo empire that Kevin Cerrito has built. His themed trivia nights have proven so popular that sometimes he draws 100 people or more. Restaurant GMs say that Cerrito trivia often brings in an extra $1000-$2000 in revenue on what might otherwise be a slow night.

Cedric the Entertainer has announced an Orpheum show the night of Thursday, November 21.

Edible Memphis has a Familiar Faces column about people in the food service industry who you might have seen around town, but whose story you probably don’t know. As your #1 source of news and information about The Edge District, it’s my pleasure to link you to this week’s Familiar Faces, where they sit down with Noah Couch, a server and host at Edge Alley.  Besides his obvious love for food, Couch shares his tastes in fashion and his passion for fighting for equality in the interview.

Lime scooters are leaving Memphis. Buh-bye! Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out! This week I’ve seen two scooter riders run red lights. MPD needs to crack down on that.

Have you ever wanted to learn to read tarot cards? Rev. Omma will host a Tarot 101 class at The Broom Closet, 546 S. Main, on Saturday, November 9 from 2:0o to 4:30 PM. There’s a $10 energy exchange for this event.

The Majestic Grille rolled out its fall cocktail menu yesterday. Here’s a look:

Lisa’s Specialties:
Pear and Elderflower Collins
Spiced Apple Old Fashioned
Autumn Pimm’s Cup
Rose Spritzer
Classic Cocktails:
Americano (1860’s Milan)
Floradora (1900’s NYC)
Vieux Carre (1930’s NoLa)
Irish Coffee (1940’s Ireland)
That’s it for now. Back tomorrow.