Monday update

It was a good sports weekend for the state of Tennessee. The Titans won, advancing to the AFC championship game. The Grizzlies won yesterday, holding on to their 8th place in the NBA’s Western Conference. The Tigers snapped a two-game losing streak after trailing South Florida by as much as 14 yesterday.

Loflin Yard will hold another Titans watch party for the AFC championship game next Sunday, January 19, at 2 PM. I notice there’s no mention of dollar Fireball this time around.

People ask me, do you hate the Tennessee Titans as much as you hate the Tennessee Vols? No. I’ve got nothing against the Titans and have no desire to see them lose. I’m not really an NFL guy but if I had to pick a couple of teams to root for, I’d pick the New Orleans Saints and the Green Bay Packers because I think they have the best fan cultures in the NFL. The converse is why I root for whoever is playing the Vols; they have the worst fan culture in college sports.

The Grizzlies are back in action tomorrow night, with a game against the Houston Rockets at FedExForum at 7. It will be adoptable pet night and the first 5000 fans there get a free Grizzlies 2020 Team Pet Calendar. Tomorrow’s game will also the the halfway point, the 41st game of an 82-game season. I don’t think too many analysts projected Memphis to have 18 or 19 wins halfway through, having projected the Grizz’s wins in the high 20s for the entire 82.

Those of you running Windows 7 on your computers, take heed: Microsoft ends support for that operating system tomorrow. What does that mean? If a vulnerability is discovered in Windows 7 on the 15th or after and is exploited by hackers, Microsoft will not issue a patch to fix it. Lifehacker has the answer to, Am I screwed if I don’t upgrade Windows 7 by January 15?

To my friends who are in technical fields, I highly recommend getting a subscription. You can tell Medium what your interests are, and it will tailor a daily email to those interests, as well as tailor its website content. Every day I receive an email with links to about 20 stories, one to three or four of which are directly relevant to the projects I am working on. It is so worth the $5 a month, and it’s a great answer to a technical interview’s question of “What do you do to stay current on the latest trends in your field?” They’re not just for techies, by the way: They have great articles on food, dating and relationships, psychology, and much, much more.

The Daily Memphian has a tale of two bridges, a story of the Harahan and Hernando de Soto bridges, which light up in the evenings to greet those arriving in Memphis from the west.

I decided to leave the Memphis Sandwich Clique Facebook group yesterday. I am grateful to them for all I have learned about where to get delicious  sandwiches (“dank sammies” to use their lingo) in Memphis. I am especially grateful to the group for introducing me to River Time Market & Deli, and its owners Pam and Bill who have become friends of mine. However, lately (especially this weekend) it seems like the group is more about the moderators than about the sandwiches. I got tired of it. I am still a member of There are many other foods besides sandwiches that are great and will continue to post there from time to time.

YOGA! Downtown Yoga has two workshop series coming up:

  • Myofascial Release for Everyone, 4 dates between January 16 and April 16. The class is said to help increase mobility, get circulation flowing, and reduce muscle soreness.
  • Shaolin Qin Na Joint Locks Series, 10 dates between February 1 and April 11. In these classes you’ll learn how to neutralize one or more joints of another person, taking away their ability to attack. It’s one of the four categories taught in any Chinese martial art.

The Flyer reports that Memphis Tourism recently rolled out a new Music Hub website. The site does a lot to promote one of the city’s greatest assets, its music. Have a look

It’s the Clemson Tigers vs. the LSU Tigers in the NCAA Division 1 football championship game tonight at 7 PM on ESPN. I will be solidly behind the purple and gold for this one. Probably I will watch the game at the Blind Bear. Although, it might be interesting to watch the table at Max’s Sports Bar, knowing that the corner table crew will be a house divided tonight.

That’s it for this Monday. Back tomorrow with more news.