Wednesday update

I’m going to start off today with a food recommendation. Yesterday I checked River Time Market & Deli’s Facebook page to see what soups they had for lunch. They had white bean & ham, which I had not tried there yet, and I walked over after work and ordered a medium bowl to go. When Pam was packing up my order, I saw her take out a sample-sized cup. “I made some pimiento cheese and I want you to try it,” Pam said. “I made it fresh, with bacon.”

Pimiento cheese was one of those foods I was ambivalent toward as a kid – and as an adult. I never hated it, but I never went out of my way to buy it at a grocery store or order it as a restaurant. My attitude toward pimiento cheese was one of, “Meh, what’s the point?”

That sample cup from River Time, though, made me understand the point! The bacon made it nice and smoky and full of flavor. I will most likely go back today and see if I can order some of it to go. If you work Downtown and you have not yet been to this little deli on Court Square next to Blue Plate Cafe, you are missing a treasure. I don’t get off work until 1 so y’all don’t eat all the pimiento cheese before I get there.

You know people ain’t got no common sense when it’s necessary to hang a sign like this one in a restroom:

The Grizzlies secured another win last night, and this one was not against an NBA bottom-feeder… it was against the Houston Rockets, a playoff team led by James Harden, one of the top-tier players in the league. That makes it six straight for the Grizzlies.

Another look at the standings reveals the situation in the Western Conference. There are 7 good teams, with winning percentages ranging from .825 to .575. There are 7 not-so-good teams, with winning percentages ranging from .463 to .366. Last but not least (well, yes, least) is Golden State coming in at .214. There are 8 playoff spots, so the best of the not-so-good teams will make it.

Unless, that is, you look at it a different way… with 6 wins in a row, it could be argued that the Grizzlies are maturing faster than expected, and are on the path to move out of not-so-good status and join the list of good teams. At this point Memphis is only 3 wins away from .500.

The Grizzlies are getting noticed outside of our city, as well. From Bleacher Report: Ja Morant is torching defenses and becoming NBA’s newest must-see sensation. By the way, I didn’t have to dig deep into Bleacher Report’s NBA section to find that article; it was in the number-two position on the BR home page when I looked there this morning. Ja is a big deal. Unless Zion Williamson averages 30/10 for the rest of the season upon his return, the Grizzlies’ point-guard looks like the favorite for Rookie of the Year.

Your next chance to see the Grizzlies will be Friday, when they take on the Cleveland Cavaliers at FedExForum at 7 PM. First 5000 fans will get a Ja Morant pocket square. This will be a Hardwood Classics night with the team in their throwback Vancouver Grizzlies 25th anniversary uniforms playing on the alternate court that has elements of all the Grizzlies teams over the years.

I discovered a really useful tech trick this week. If you need to free up space in your Gmail account, type size:1000000 into Gmail’s search box. It will return all your emails that have attachments that amount to 1 MB or more in size. You can then pick and choose which ones to delete.

The final AP and coaches’ poll football rankings have been released, and Memphis finished number 17 in both, their highest end-of-year ranking since 1963.

I’ll wrap up with a couple of links that I discovered yesterday. These won’t be of interest to most of you, but my fellow computer nerds will appreciate them.

  • OnlineGDB – online compiler, interpreter, and debugger for 20 different languages. Really useful for trying out code snippets to see what they do.
  • Regex101 – fantastic way to learn about regular expressions. Put a regular expression in and the site will tell you exactly what it does. You can then test any string to see if it’s a match for the regex or not.

I feel like I have slightly less news today than most days; that’s because I came across a really interesting book while eating lunch yesterday and spent most of the rest of the day reading it. Off to work. Back tomorrow with more news.