House arrest day 18 (Mon)

Here’s a very Spring 2020 activity for you. Name a movie, but add “While Socially Distanced” to the end of the title. So, Die Hard While Socially Distanced. Driving Miss Daisy While Socially Distanced. Knives Out While Socially Distanced.

Food porn:

More food porn:

Interesting article: When epidemics/pandemics hit early New York City, they’d flee the urban life to take refuge far out in the country… in Greenwich Village.

From the New York Daily News: Will there be a Major League Baseball season at all this year? There are some hefty challenges to be faced: lost revenue if games are played in empty ballparks, what to do if a player gets the coronavirus during the season, what to do with Minor League Baseball.

The DM’s Geoff Calikins spoke to Jon McCullers, pediatrician-in-chief at LeBonheur and associate dean at UT College of Medicine. McCullers thinks there won’t be a football season either. I know people who babble endlessly about the latest developments in spots and now they’re going to have nothing to talk about for up to an entire year.

And what are sports bars going to do? With 12 beers on tap, perhaps Max should grab his corporate credit card and visit the candy warehouse on Carolina. He could offer candy/beer pairings and re-brand the place as Max’s Candy Bar.

Marvel is offering access to many of its comics for free.

The coronavirus has taken being sick of your family to a whole new level, and to celebrate, River Inn at Harbor Town is offering Easter family dinner to go for next Sunday, April 12. Dinner serves 2-4 and can be picked up 11 AM-7 PM on Easter. Orders must be placed by 7 PM Saturday night the 11th. Click the link for menu and ordering info.

Who else is doing to-go Easter dinners? Let me know. I usually concentrate my blogging efforts on Downtown, but I’ll be happy to post about restaurants in other parts of the city if they deliver Downtown.

I listened to the Memphis Police scanner most of the day yesterday (except when Wrestlemania was on). They answered quite a few Safer at Home calls, including some at Overton Park.

Now that Wrestlemania is over, some thoughts:

  • Becky pinning Bayzler while in Bayzler’s submission hold was a nice finish.
  • They better do a Superstar Shake-Up immediately… otherwise, who on Smackdown is gonna credibly challenge Strowman for the Universal championship? Remember, Roman is out until the coronavirus pandemic is under control.
  • That was the best Undertaker has looked in a long time. He and A.J. should sent Matt Hardy a cut of their royalties, because the Boneyard Match was clearly inspired by some of the stuff Broken Matt did in TNA.
  • Charlotte as NXT champion could help that brand beat AEW in the Wednesday night ratings wars.
  • The Edge/Randy Orton Last Man Standing Match was every bit as good as the Boneyard March, and I’m glad they put those on opposite nights.
  • We all knew Gronk was going to win the 24/7 title.
  • Zelina Vega has a great ass.
  • So, Bianca Belair is going to move up to the main roster? Good deal. She has the most potential of anyone in NXT right now.
  • The wrestlers may have to submit to drug testing, but the Firefly Fun House “match” is proof that the writers clearly don’t.
  • Can this please be the end of part-timers holding the Universal and World titles?

If more news comes in, I’ll do a second post later today. Otherwise, back tomorrow with more news.