House arrest day 17 (Sun)

Graham Winchester performs live online in Songs from the Bathtub tonight 6 to 7:30 PM. There will be virtual tip jars for those who would like to leave donations.

From Feed the Front Lines, Memphis:

We are incredibly proud to announce that Michael Patrick of Rizzos Diner is going to be the first restaurateur to feed the front lines on behalf of the Feed the Front Lines, Memphis initiative. He will be preparing 100 meals for the night shift at Baptist East on Sunday.

As donations roll in, we will be calling on everyone who has pledged support. We have a vast and talented array of chefs and restaurateurs who will be preparing these meals.

But it takes donations to make this happen. Please share this post and help us secure these donations so we can get operating money into their hands and appreciation to our front-line medical professionals.

Donate here ➡️

From Grind City Media’s MikeCheck with Michael Wallace: Checking in with Grizzlies legend Zach Randolph during the NBA hiatus. Z-bo discusses his food bank donation to keep children fed while the schools are out, challenges of being an NBA player during a suspended season, and his role as a community ambassador.

I found this tool, tweeted by marketing expert Chris Brogan, to host Netflix watch parties: Kosmi

Mayor Strickland’s daily COVID-19 update for Saturday has noncompliance numbers for the Safer at Home order. So far only one business has had a placard issued ordering the business to be vacated for being out of compliance. Cheers to the mayor on making these numbers public. Previous administrations never would have thought to do that.

Anyone know who/where the one business that got shut down is?

So I’m guessing that the Beale Street St. Patrick’s Day parade, rescheduled for this coming Saturday, is probably not happening….

If I can be serious for a minute…

I agree, Lance. I agree. I did enjoy night 1 of Wrestlemania more than I thought I would. Last night’s first night of Wrestlemania was really good, far better than I expected.

Back later today if there’s more news to report.