House arrest day 32 (Mon)

To provide relief from boredom during the coronavirus quarantine, Walking Pants Curiosities, the gift shop on G.E. Patterson has launched the Super Secret Jigsaw Puzzle Palooza Club. They scour places near and far to uncover the most fascinating puzzles, and deliver them to your door. Click the link to see puzzles they have in stock, and if there’s puzzle you want that’s out of stock, use the NOTIFY ME feature to let them know it’s in demand so they can order more. Also, check back in the next few days for a board game collection.

Heck, don’t just stop at the puzzles and the board games… visit their entire store online if you haven’t had a chance to make it to their physical location… or even if you have!

I wish I’d had Grandma, An Inspirational Gift Book while my grandmother was still alive.

Carbunkle Trumpet, a Brooklyn resident and former Memphian, has a take on people he’s observed openly flouting Safer at Home/shelter-in-place rules and posting on social media. Raggedy nails and exposed roots need to be symbols of pride during this pandemic, an acknowledgement that the well-being of others is more important than personal vanity.

I do want to point something out though… Prohibition didn’t eliminate the consumption of alcohol in America. What it did was lead to black markets. If the quarantine goes long enough, I think we will inevitably see a similar effect. Non-essential services like nail appointments and hair appointments to an extent will be driven underground, where in addition to increasing COVID-19 risk, they won’t be regulated or taxed.

Recipe from the Orpheum:

For those of you who are fans of the New Wing Order food truck, they’ll be parked outside Cordelia’s Market Wednesday from 5 to 8/

Volunteer opportunity: The Smithsonian is seeking transcribers. Material to work on includes astronauts’ notebooks. World War I diaries, and more. In most cases the pages are typewritten; they just need to be re-typed into the system so they can be organized and made searchable.

Speaking of the Smithsonian, Smithsonian magazine has an article: The Colorful History of the Troll Doll

Weston from The Rusty Pieces will perform They Might Be B-Sides, a collection of lesser-known songs from the band They Might be Giants tonight 7-8 PM.

MK who delivers the home-cooked meals is back with this week’s specials:

Alright folks!!!!

We’re skipping breakfast this week to take care of some pretty important birthdays!


This week’s menu is HERE!


Italian wedding soup & a chicken caprese melt!!! 



This 15 layer lasagne sold out FAST the first time we did it! And for good reason!

All dinners come with a side salad, your dressing preference, garlic bread & TRIPLE CHOCOLATE CAAAAAKE! 


Of course…


Text: 9015023072 to place those orders folks!

Through May 31, $5 from every bottle of local Old Dominick spirits sold will be donated to a fund to support hospitality industry staff affected by COVID-19. Look for Old Dominick at your local liquor store.

The Memphis Farmers Market is posting a lot of specials its vendors are running during the quarantine to its Facebook page. This weekend they posted about 350 Baked cakes, Guilt-Free Pastries, Thistle and Bee, Grecian Gourmet, Dodson’s Farm jams and jellies, and Whitton Farms.

The Memphis Restaurant Association supports a May 1 reopening date for restaurants, but many restaurant owners across the city think that’s too early.

Memphis Tigers guard Tyler Harris is entering the NCAA transfer portal. This isn’t really a surprise. Penny’s team is stacked at the guard positions and Harris’ talent deserves more minutes than he would be able to get here next season. This should not be the beginning of a domino effect that sees a number of Penny’s players walk out.

Sunrise Memphis burrito special this morning:

Last night I was watching a marathon of the TV show Wings on Antenna TV, and I don’t think I have ever laughed so had in my life… except the biggest laugh of all came when the commercials came on.


All right. That’s the news for this morning. Back later today or tomorrow with more.