Tue update #2: A look at the coronavirus numbers for today and how they could be interpreted

From the Daily Memphian’s May 19 coronavirus blog:

The Shelby County Health Department reported 116 new cases of coronavirus Tuesday for a total of 3,877 cases during the pandemic. The increase is the largest since April 18.

Shelby County said 2,615 people were tested an increase of 1,927 from the day prior. The number of tests surpasses Shelby County’s goal of 2,400 tests per day. The daily positivity rate Monday was 4.4%.

Bet we see tweets/Facebook posts like:

“2615 people were tested in one day! That is the largest number of tests in one day yet! And it exceeds the health department’s goal of 2400! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING, lengthening Phase 2 to 21 days? WE’RE READY TO FULLY RE-OPEN EVERYTHING NOW!”

“Over a hundred new cases! The most we’ve seen in one day in over a month! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING, re-opening so soon? If we had stayed in quarantine until the end of May, THIS WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED!”

“4.4% postivity rate? Hasn’t the average been around seven, eight percent? WHAT ARE PEOPLE THINKING, suggesting that wearing masks will make a difference? We’re doing perfectly well without them!”

“4.4% positivity rate? Weren’t we at 2.7% a few days ago? Here comes that surge we’ve all known was on the way! WHAT ARE PEOPLE THINKING, going out in public without a mask on?”

(Extra credit: Add bashing of your least favorite politician, or of Republicans or Democrats in general, to any of the above)