Extremely important PBR news

Jeannette at the Blind Bear is constantly looking for ways to keep her customers and employees safe during the pandemic. One thing she did was install foot poles on the bathroom doors so you don’t have to touch the handles. That is much appreciated, because as was demonstrated earlier in the week, not everyone washes their hands.

Jeannette also recognized that every employee-customer interaction was a possible chance to transmit the virus, and she looked for ways to reduce the number of those interactions without compromising customer happiness. Therefore, she has instituted bucket specials.

The specials are:

  • PBR – 5 16-ounce cans for $10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥
  • Domestic bottles – 5 for $15
  • Import, craft and local beers and White Claw – 5 for $20

That PBR special is a game-changer. The reason I’ve been spending so much time at Silly Goose lately is their incredible happy hour where 16-ounce PBRs are only $2. With the Bear effectively offering PBRs at the same price point when bought in buckets, they will re-capture more of my business.

From their standpoint, they’re protecting their employees by facilitating only 1 interaction with a customer rather than 5. And, by the way, I watched them sanitize several buckets before re-using them.

The concept of using buckets to cut down number of customer interactions is nothing new. Years ago, bartenders at Max’s Sports Bar noticed that several old poots who sit at the corner table were big-time Miller Lite bottle drinkers. By using buckets, the bartenders might have to venture over to check on the poots 5 times a day instead of 25. COVID-19 was not a thing back then, but the poots have a condition called “notrophy” that the bartenders didn’t want to catch.

I hear that Miller Lite goes great with Bananas Foster…

442 new cases of COVID-19 with a 12.9% positivity rate yesterday. The numbers are expected to continue to climb according to Dr. Manoj Jain, to a predicted peak of 670 new cases a day in November. So we’re not even at the top of a peak in number of cases. We’re on a steady upward climb. Geez, are we still going to be in Phase 2 by the end of the year?

Of course, we could follow the Stable Genius’s advice and get case numbers back down by not doing any testing…

Reminds me, I saw a great meme yesterday: Biden said, “I’ll read my daily briefings,” and the Republicans for Biden replied, “You had us at ‘I’ll read.'”

The Daily Memphian’s Sports Notebook reports that nine new cases of the coronavirus in NBA players were reported this week. Can the Orlando “bubble” really be safe? They have  a new health safety handbook, but several players point out that team rules are broken all the time.

There were people shooting fireworks on Monroe Avenue near Main at 2:15 this morning. Gotta love Downtown on the Fourth…

Graber Gryass brings their acoustic sounds to brunch at Loflin Yard today noon to 3.

Today’s the final day of the Quintessential Summer Celebration on the river.

Yolanda Harper’s Double Entendre plays Westy’s today 2 to 3.

A word of advice: If you go out to a bar today and plan to order a muddled drink, first look and see how the muddle is stored behind the bar when not in use. The reason I say this is that the fruit flies are the worst I have ever seen them. You don’t want your drink muddled with a tool which has been crawled on by 20 fruit flies.

Also, if you go out to a bar today, don’t expect to see me. Staying home. Sunday Fun Days aren’t fun during a pandemic. Too many people who don’t follow the rules. I have seven books on deck to read and that’ll keep me busy. Back tomorrow with more news.