Monday update

If you’ve got $9 million burning a hole in your back pocket, you can own a gas station and convenience store. The gas station at 300 Poplar is for sale. That’s at the corner of Poplar and N. Lauderdale, just west of Danny Thomas Blvd. It looks like a Chester’s Fried Chicken franchise comes as part of the package; just ask the owner of Bluefin what a sweet deal that is. And just think, your store would be the first place people would stop after getting out of 201. You’re pulling out the checkbook, aren’t you?

From Action News 5: A drunk driver crashed his vehicle into a trolley station on the Main Street Mall. This happened Saturday night and the driver had been involved in a previous accident at Poplar and Danny Thomas.

Let’s hear it for the good guys: Chef Tam of Chef Tam’s Underground Cafe out in The Edge District fed the homeless in Morris Park this past weekend.

New South Main-area restaurant to follow on Facebook: By the Brewery. Looks like they’ve got breakfast and lunch sandwiches including a chicken biscuit sandwich and a Reuben, both with homemade pickles. 496 Tennessee Street.

Pro wrestling fans, here is a Twitter account you need to follow.

Slow news day, as Mondays often are. Back tomorrow.