Tuesday update

So, listen up, folks. I want to have a talk with my readers this morning. I know I have a lot of people keep up with this blog to find out the best places to go out Downtown on a given night of the week. I’m sure many of you have your eye on Thanksgiving Eve, the Wednesday that is one of the biggest going-out nights of the year.

Now, understand… I’m not one of the preachy preachies when it comes to COVID. I don’t change my Twitter display name to “Paul Ryburn says wear a mask!” in times like these. I don’t get on Facebook and imply that you’re selfish and you don’t care about human life if you go do anything fun. I can’t stand that kind of judgmental attitude.

However, two states have gone back into lockdown, and more could follow. Washington state shut most everything down with numbers not close to as bad as Shelby County (click links for comparison). Now, I don’t see the Health Department shutting us down before the holiday weekend is over, but it’s worth acknowledging that the numbers are bad enough where it wouldn’t be a horrible decision.

So, I wanna run something by ya. The bars and restaurants will be as packed as they legally can be Wednesday night, teeming with people and potentially COVID. And they have to shut down at midnight, so the party will be over before it really gets started. So I have a suggestion…

Why not day drink instead?

Most people who work 8-to-5 rat race jobs have Friday off, and some have Wednesday as well. If you’ve never experienced the joy of hanging out at the bars in the morning, it’s a lot of fun. Why not make an adventure of it?

Momma’s, the Aldo restaurant at Crump and Kentucky, opens at 6:30 AM for breakfast (I don’t believe they can serve alcohol until 8).

Bardog opens at 8:00 AM.

Blind Bear opens at 10:00 AM with full brunch menu every day.

These places will not be crowded and you’ll be able to space out from others. As long as you keep your mask on until seated and put it on anytime you get up from your table, your potential exposure to the virus should be low (disclaimer, though: I am not a licensed physician and this is not medical advice).

There’s a business philosophy out there – you can be better than, you can be less than, or you can be different than. Going out Wednesday night of next week is not going to be better than most years, so why not turn your holiday partying into a different-than kind of experience?

On to the news. Here’s Jimbo from Mempho with info.

FedExForum has had its 2021 hosting of part of March Madness taken away, specifically a weekend of the South Regional. The NCAA wants to centralize the tournament in one location due to COVID, which is smart. March Madness will return to Memphis in 2024.

From Scoop Memphis: A man was charged with urinating on the freezer door at the Checkers in the Medical District

Musician Amber Rae Dunn performs a Tuesday Telethon online tonight at 6:30 from South Main Sounds, hoping to raise money to get her to a studio in Nashville so she can cut 3-4 new songs.

I took the Enneagram personality test yesterday, just for kicks. I’m primarily a 5, then a 4, then an 8. Still trying to fully comprehend what that means.

That’s it for now. Back tomorrow with more news.