Monday update

I was so INCREDIBLY BORED at home yesterday. 18 more days of this garbage… or even longer if the health department extends Safer at Home. It’s time to post the theme song again.

Arkansas Online reports that the Sultana Disaster Museum, 11 miles from Downtown Memphis, is expanding. The Sultana (capacity 367) was carrying 2200(!) soldiers home following the end of the Civil War. A boiler explosion caused the ship to sink, claiming the lives of 1400. The Sultana was one-fourteenth the size of the Titanic but the number of casualties was about the same. The museum will move into a high school gym that is being replaced.

WREG was sent video of traffic stopped on I-240N near the Walnut Grove exit while idiots did doughnuts. This kind of thing happens all the time in our ghettofabulous city. This just happens to be the one time it was recorded.

The Memphis Redbirds are still around in 2021, but 40 other Minor League Baseball teams that were playing in 2019 won’t survive to see this year. Some parts of the country were hit harder than others; all four teams in good ole West Virginny got wiped out. No more baseball on Staten Island either, possibly the MiLB park with the most scenic view.

From Lifehacker: How to watch the last new episodes of Jeopardy! featuring Alex Trebek

Downtown business Makeda’s Cookies is doing a fundraiser to be able to expand.

Marc Gasol returned to town as the L.A. Lakers beat Memphis 108-94 last night at FedExForum. The Lakers will stick around for a rematch Tuesday.

It’s National Spaghetti Day. Good day to stop by Bardog Tavern and get spaghetti and Grandma’s meatballs.

From Action News 5: Drone video shows the damage done by the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville

In case you missed it in the news: The Trumpster spent an hour on the phone with Georgia’s Secretary of State Saturday, trying to get him to throw out enough ballots to swing the state’s electoral votes. The problem with that? Biden would still have 290 votes, 20 more than the minimum needed to win. Trump implied there could be a criminal investigation if the state official did not comply, which could be considered blackmail. Today’s POLITICO Playbook has the backstory of the call.

Keep an eye on the news Wednesday. Trump is encouraging the Proud Boys and right-wing militias to be in D.C. to protest the certification of the electoral vote.

That’s it for today. Back tomorrow with more news.