Monday update

The Memphis Grizzlies host the NBA’s 19th annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration, tipping off against the Phoenix Suns this afternoon at 4. Related events today:

  • Virtual Coaches Forum – noon, YouTube Premiere
  • Earl Lloyd Sports Legacy Symposium – 2:30, Fox Sports Southeast

The National Civil Rights Museum will offer afternoon and evening live streams of their virtual celebrations of the life of Dr. King.

I received 5 scam voicemails between the 10 AM-11 AM hour yesterday from “Apple security” saying my account had been compromised. Most of the calls appeared to be from toll-free 866 U.S. numbers. However, one scammer didn’t have number spoofing set up correctly, revealing his true location: Bangladesh. Watch out for those kinds of scams this week.

The Tigers dropped a game to Tulsa for the second time this season yesterday.

That’s it. Slow news day.

2 more days.

Back tomorrow with more news.