Friday update

Gina Sweat, the MFD director, answered a vaccine question I posed on this blog earlier in the week. Phase 1c, which opens today in Shelby County, allows anyone 16 and up who has an aggravating condition, one that could make COVID deadly, to go ahead and get a shot.

The last time I got my blood pressure checked was April 27, 2019 and it was 157/95. Now, the thing was, I was extremely stressed out at that point in my life so I don’t think that is a normal reading for me. I’m not on blood pressure medication and I don’t have a formal doctor’s diagnosis in the form of a printed note.

Sweat’s answer to a media question yesterday made it sound like I would be eligible for Phase 1c, that I’d just need to tick the “high blood pressure” box when I make my appointment.

But now the question is: Would it be ethical for me to sign up? If I went and got vaccinated next week, would I effectively be denying a dose to a nursing home patient or a teacher?

On the other hand, there’s my personal situation. I go out to restaurants and bars an average of 3 times a week. I wear my mask and obey all of the regulations, but still, I’m slightly at more risk of spreading the virus than the average person. So would I be doing the people in my life a favor by going ahead and taking the spot, since I legally can?

I don’t know how I feel about this one… if you have opinions one way or another I would be interested in hearing them.

The DM reports that ServiceMaster headquarters is leaving Memphis, but it isn’t as big a deal as it sounds because Terminix will remain here.

Today is National Poutine Day! That means Kooky Canuck is the place to go. I like the Donair Poutine there topped with Kooky gyro meat.

For those of you who believe in pre-gaming for St. Patrick’s Day like a true professional, today is also Cinco de Marcho.

United Housing is hosting a $7500 pandemic relief program for homeowners facing foreclosure.

Jobs! FedEx is hosting a job fair at the hub this weekend.

Memphis Black Restaurant Week is next week, starting Sunday, March 7.

Been a good week writing on Medium. I had an article go viral this week and it looks like it’s on a trajectory to be my first $100 earner. I had another article accepted by Data Driven Investor yesterday. That’s a nice name to be associated with.

That’ll do it for this post. Already got an idea for what I want to write on Medium today, so I’ll see if I can squeeze that in before leaving for work. Back tomorrow.