Thursday update

You ready for some restaurant news? I have plenty of it this morning!

I heard from one of the head guys out there that Sugar Grits has been approved for its liquor and beer licenses. The typical turnaround time to have them in hand (which must happen before you can legally serve) is 72 hours. Of course with the ABC you never, ever know, but theoretically, it’s possible they could be able to serve booze for brunch this Sunday.

If you’re not familiar, Sugar Grits is in the ServiceMaster/Terminix/Peabody Place Mall building, with an entrance facing Second across from the intersection at Gayoso. Whether it’s this Sunday or next when they have their license, I have a feeling brunch is going to be off the chain there!

The same manager told me there’s also exciting news at one of his other restaurants, Carolina Watershed. They’ve purchased some adjoining land and now have a field for kickball and wiffle ball leagues. They want 25 teams for wiffle ball and only have 22, so you still have time to get your team in. Good news for wiffle ball teams – the team that competed last year, consisting of Redbirds players, won’t be back this year because they have to show up for work instead.

When PBR meets Evernote… “Pontoon open Mar 18″… WTF does that mean? Pontoon? Is that some kind of river thing? Oh! Wait! Now I remember! I was at the Silly Goose yesterday, where I was informed that their sister restaurant Pontotoc Lounge will reopen Thursday, March 18. You’ll finally be able to sit at the bar there! Although, only 2 to a group at the bar thanks to ridiculously stupid health department regulations.

SALT | SOY news:

WE ARE FINALLY OPEN THIS FRIDAY March 5th!! Join us for cocktails and a unique menu full of southern inspired Japanese fare. We can’t wait to welcome you to our home on Broad Ave! 💥🍣🥟🍸

SALT | SOY opens at 2583 Broad. It’s rare that I talk about restaurants outside Downtown, but this is a place with Downtown connections and some super good people. Go support them and eat some delicious food. The CA’s Jennifer Chandler tells you what to expect at the new restaurant. Dirty fried rice!!!

Downtown Walgreens had TWO pump trucks outside yesterday. This is becoming a problem – there are a few items that I can’t get at any other Downtown store. I may have to book a Groove On-Demand trip out to Med Center Walgreens one day next week. Hmmm… Tuesday is $10 pizza day at Slim & Husky’s. I could hoof it out to The Edge for a pizza and then on to the Med District for Walgreens, then groove it back home. I love it when a plan comes together!

Sign your kids up for the Saturday, March 27 Easter egg hunt at Elmwood Cemetery. Easter eggs and dead people!

Shelby County will indeed move to phase 1c for COVID-19 vaccinations on Monday.

It’s subscriber-only, but there’s an opinion piece in today’s Daily Memphian: Vaccine issues will make County Mayor Lee Harris vulnerable in 2022. I don’t normally support Republicans but I think County Commissioner Mick Wright has shown a lot of leadership during the pandemic. I would consider voting for him if he ran.

Amazon is in talks with the NFL to carry a number of Thursday night games on Prime Video. (h/t Morning Brew)

A WREG vehicle was nearly forced off the road yesterday afternoon by a suspect’s vehicle as the suspect fled police. It was caught on video. The chase happened on Goodlett in Parkway Village.

Only 61 new COVID cases reported by the health department yesterday. COVID Act Now has our county positivity rate at 4.9%, below the 5% threshold that has long been a goal of the health department.

Shaquille O’Neal tried his hand at professional wrestling last night and ended up getting put through two tables:

Shaq is not the biggest man in upstart promotion AEW, which recently signed Paul Wight, formerly The Big Show in WWE. Shaq and Wight talked about having a match at Wrestlemania a few years ago but it had to be scrapped because Shaq couldn’t get into ring shape.

Not sure if I’ll listen to the COVID-19 task force press conference at noon or not. They’re unlikely to announce any more loosening of restrictions today and I don’t feel like sitting through 30 minutes of BS about vaccines and Dr. Randolph saying “continue the course.” Back tomorrow with more news.