Wednesday update

If you were wondering, when are we ever going to start hearing about spring crawfish boils, wonder no more! From Max’s Sports Bar:

IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!! Join us this Saturday for our first boil of the season. @glazescrawfish will be cooking up some spicy bugs in the sun! We will have courtyard, patio and limited indoor seating. Togo will also be available to pick up at the courtyard gate. Price is $10/lb for 1 lb of crawfish, $19/lb for 2 lbs, and shrimp is $15/lb. Sides are included in price but not weight.

For my money, Glaze has the best crawfish in town. They’re spicy – not overpoweringly so, but expect your eyes to water a little as you eat them. The sides that are included are corn, taters, and smoked sausage. Usually the first batch comes out a few minutes after noon. The first boil of the year is usually a quick sellout, so don’t blame me if you show up at 2 and don’t get any crawfish.

Oh also… I hear there’s going to be a guest bartender at Max’s Saturday. I will see this person before then, though, which you can consider a hint.

The City of Memphis posted some good news today. 13 Walgreens locations are going to be partners in COVID-19 vaccine distribution beginning March 5.

… No, not the Downtown Walgreens. That one still had the water pump truck parked outside today. That one still may be out of commission for a while. But the Medical Center Walgreens at 987 Union is on the list! Finally, a location that’s kinda, sorta convenient to Downtown. The appointment schedule will open today or tomorrow for people to start booking times.

Lisa Piercey, the head of the state health department, held a press conference yesterday saying that effective Monday, March 8, the state will move to vaccine group 1c. That covers

  • 65 and over
  • ANY aggravating condition – even something like pregnancy. obesity or high blood pressure

Local 24’s Jeni has info about whether the March 8 date will extend to Shelby County:

If you have mobility and the ability to check social media in the afternoon, and you’re in one of the phases eligible for the vaccine, check the City of Memphis on Facebook and Twitter daily. People no-showing reserved times could result in you scoring a last-minute walk-in time at a vaccine site if you can get there.

Hmmm… thinking about Phase 1c… the last time I got my blood pressure read, it was 157/95. Granted, that was almost two years ago, and I was EXTREMELY stressed at the time. But, would that reading qualify me for group 1c? Or would I need to have a formal diagnosis from a doctor as documentation?

Attention Tennessee Brewery residents: A food truck you don’t want to miss is headed your way this evening, Wednesday, March 3:

If you’ve never had Smurfey’s, here is all you need to know: PULLED PORK BAKED POTATO.

Read more about it on the January 4, 2019 edition of my blog. Can’t beat that Smurfey sauce! Potato shown above is with optional veggies for $2 extra.

The City Council approved the city’s purchase of the 100 N. Main building yesterday. I am so sick of hearing about that building and am glad to hear it will soon be in the city’s hands. Do something with it or tear it down!

The Council also approved the next phase of the Snuff District in Uptown Memphis, with apartments, retail, and a parking garage.

Another good sports night for the city yesterday. The Tigers beat USF 73-52 on the road and are in great shape for Sunday’s road game against Houston. The Grizzlies beat the Washington Wizards 125-111 with Ja dropping 35.

It’s National Cold Cuts Day! You know what that means!

For those who imbibe, it’s also National Moscow Mule Day. Thanks to Air Traffic Mike for introducing me to this classic beverage at the Saucer years ago.

It’s also What If Dogs and Cats Had Opposable Thumbs Day.

I made a trip to Family Dollar yesterday. I notice that every item rings up at about 20% off. I guess they’re doing that in response to DGX’s presence? It’s a great time to be a shopper Downtown!

Mississippi governor Tate Reeves lifted mask restrictions yesterday. Bad move. I generally favor loosening of COVID restrictions, but the masks need to stay until vaccines are available to all who want them.

Time for work, then afterward I plan to devote a couple of hours of my time to the study of a waterfowl habitat. Back tomorrow.