Wednesday update

Yesterday morning I walked out of my apartment building near Madison and Main, on a caffeine run to Walgreens. I noticed that the two large lion’s head concrete planters that sit outside the building’s front door had been dumped over on their side.

Later in the day, I read a news story (hey, there’s Zach!) that reported similar damage elsewhere on South Main, as far as 9 or 10 blocks away from where I live. Urevbu Contemporary, an art gallery at Main and Huling, had planters out front that were damaged or destroyed, and Grecian Gourmet in the same block reported similar damage. Further up Main, a restaurant had some of its patio furniture thrown out into the street.

From a discussion I saw on Facebook, it appears a woman, by herself, in a trench coat got asked to leave Central Station a little after 2 yesterday morning and went on a vandalism spree. She must have been strong (or on something) to flip over those planters outside my building having already walked nearly a mile. I bet those things weigh 100 pounds apiece.

It’s Thanksgiving Eve! This is one of the busiest going-out nights of the year. Expect the bars to start filling up in the early afternoon as employees get the long-awaited “you can leave early” email.

The Memphis Tigers play on national television tonight. They’ll take on Virginia Tech in the first round of the NIT Pre-Season Tournament. 6:30 PM on ESPN2. A win over the Hokies would likely be considered a “quality win” in the eyes of the NCAA tournament committee.

The Grizzlies host the Toronto Raptors tonight at 7.

Memphis Hungry Turkey 5K starts Thanksgiving morning at 8:30 at Bass Pro at the Pyramid.

Violinist Lindsey Stirling performs at the Cannon Center Friday night.

DJ Superbrad hosts ’80s Into ’90s Night Saturday at the Blind Bear starting at 9 PM.

Want to be a well-liked Thanksgiving guest? Stop by The Peanut Shoppe at 24 S. Main today and pick up some nuts to take with you. I believe the hours today are 10 AM to 5 PM. Note that since it is a rather small enclosed space, the owners require that you wear a face mask when inside the shop.

This will come as no surprise for those who like to listen to the Memphis Police scanner: The Peppertree Apartments have been declared a public nuisance. It’s rare that I listen to the scanner for any length of time and NOT hear a call to Peppertree.

Bad news for craft beer drinkers: The price of canned craft beer is expected to go up next year

Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant has his first Nike TV ad: Question those who question your game

Very cool: The Shelby County Health Department received a million-dollar grant to fight crime. Dr. Bruce Randolph, County Health Officer, said they are treating crime as an infectious disease. They hope to place “interrupters” in the streets, people who are known and respected by both sides, who can calm things down and prevent chains of murders from happening. Certainly sounds worth a try, because traditional policing tactics sure aren’t preventing murders.

It’s time to take a look at college football games of interest to those in the Mid-South this weekend. All games are Saturday unless otherwise noted.

  • 9 Ole Miss at Mississippi State (Egg Bowl), 6:30 PM Thanksgiving, ESPN
  • 4 Cincinnati at East Carolina, 2:30 PM Friday, ABC
  • Missouri at 25 Arkansas, 2:30 PM Friday, CBS
  • 1 Georgia at Georgia Tech, 11 AM, CBS
  • 2 Ohio State at 5 Michigan, 11 AM, FOX
  • Florida State at Florida (Sunshine Showdown), 11 AM, ESPN
  • Texas Tech at 8 Baylor, 11 AM, FS1
  • Texas State at Arkansas State, 1 PM, ESPN+
  • 3 Alabama at Auburn (Iron Bowl), 2:30 PM, CBS
  • Vanderbilt at Tennessee, 2:45 PM, SEC Network
  • 15 Texas A&M at LSU, 6 PM, ESPN
  • 10 Oklahoma at 7 Oklahoma State (Bedlam), 6:30 PM, ABC
  • Tulane at Memphis, 6:30 PM, ESPNU
  • 6 Notre Dame at Stanford, 7 PM, FOX

Bleacher Report: Chaos looms for College Football Playoff discusses the scenarios in which each of the top 8 teams would get in.

Well, I fell down a rabbit hole yesterday, reading answers Stewart Cook posted to questions asked on Quora. Stewart is a life coach who helps people who have been victims of people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. That’s different from a therapist in a couple of ways:

  • Many therapists haven’t personally experienced someone with NPD and therefore don’t know what they’re talking about, other than what they’ve read from textbooks; and
  • Against narcissists, you have to fight dirty, and therapists’ code of ethics prevents them from advising you to do that. Life coaches can tell you whatever they want.

What are the biggest signs that you may be dealing with someone with NPD and would benefit from talking to a coach like Stewart? In my opinion, they are

  1. You catch someone openly, BRAZENLY lying to you, and they couldn’t seem to care less that you caught them lying… yet, they’re generally such a likable and charming person that it just doesn’t add up
  2. You’re in a relationship, and you just can’t shake the feeling that your partner or spouse is hiding things – possibly BIG things, possibly a LOT of things – from you

View Stewart’s profile and answers on Quora

Unless I have highly timely or urgent news, I will take tomorrow off from posting. Thanksgiving is a slow news day and I’m hitting the road early to celebrate with friends. Back Friday with more.