Monday update: Cyber Monday deals and my advice for driving/parking during the St. Jude Marathon

Bottled PBRs have a playing card rank and suit on the underside of the cap. Perjorie T. Roll hit trip 10s at BarWare yesterday.

Got a number of shopping deals to share with you this morning. Let’s get started…

Bardog now has hoodies in stock with their O.G. logo. You can get one for $45. A friend who bought one told me they run slightly small, so you might want to size up.

River City Records will give you $1 off if you post a photo to Facebook or Instagram of your purchase and check in or tag them.

You can get 20% off all purchases on Walking Pants Curiosities’ website through the end of today. No special code is needed; just check out. The discount also applies if you shop in-store today.

Use code PINKPIG10 to get a $10 discount when you shop online for Pink Pig polos.

Lansky Bros. has free shipping today only on purchases of $50 or more from its online store. Use coupon code FREESHIP50 to get the deal. Not valid on overnight or two-day purchases.

Desmond Bane’s workload is increasing while Ja Morant is out for a few weeks with a knee sprain. The Grizzlies beat the Sacramento Kings 128-101 yesterday. That puts them in a tie for 7th-9th place in the West with Portland and Minnesota.

Updated CBS Sports bowl projections have the Memphis Tigers traveling to Boston to play in the Fenway Bowl on December 29. They’ll effectively be the road team if that happens, because the projected opponent is Boston College.

Texas Tech and Auburn are now projected to come to Memphis for the Liberty Bowl. That’s about a “meh” game as one could ask for. Both of those schools travel well, though, so Downtown businesses will make lots of money.

From StyleBlueprint: Meet the Memphis duo behind Primas Bakery and Boutique

It’s National Chocolates Day. Good day to visit the Dinstuhl’s shop next door to the Majestic Grille.

The Blind Bear will have its annual Repeal Day party Saturday beginning at 8 PM. December 5, 1933 was the day Prohibition was officially repealed and Americans could legally sell and consume alcohol again.

The St. Jude Marathon is this Saturday. Best advice is to not even attempt to drive Downtown between 6 AM and noon that morning. If you have to, note that runners will be on Front, Second, and Danny Thomas Blvd. from A.W. Willis far into the southern part of Downtown (course maps). Here’s the trick: Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe all have overpasses at Danny Thomas. So you can get into Downtown using those streets without crossing paths with the runners. You can search the Downtown parking map to find a lot or garage. Some things to keep in mind:

  • If you come into Downtown on the streets mentioned above, you want to turn before you hit Second or you’ll intersect the runners
  • B.B. King is one-way north
  • The city charges for metered parking on Saturday now, and you can only put so much money in a meter – so spots on the street are not good choices if you plan to park all day

If I had to come into Downtown from the east, I would take Madison or Jefferson west to B.B. King Blvd., then find a surface lot or garage on B.B. King. I have never parked on any of those, so I don’t have recommendations. Make sure to wear your walking shoes because you’ll have a minimum of several blocks to get to restaurants and entertainment.

If I had to come into South Main from the east, I’d do it on Crump, turn north on B.B. King Blvd. and find someplace south of G.E. Patterson to park.

If I lived on Mud Island and had to come Downtown, I’d take Mud Island Dr. north to Second St., turn south on Second, east on Chelsea, south on Manassas, and then use Jefferson or Madison as described above to get into Downtown. If you follow these directions, you will want to keep your car doors locked, as this routes you through some not-so-nice parts of town.

If I had to get to Mud Island during the race, I’d do the reverse: North on Manassas to Chelsea, west on Chelsea until it ends at Second, north on Second to Mud Island Drive.

And yes, all of this is a little inconvenient, but it’s only one day a year and it raises millions to ensure that families will never receive a bill for their children’s cancer treatments.

What will the weather be like for the marathon? The forecast says to expect above-normal temperatures, with a low around 50 and a high around 60. 30% chance of a shower. That sure sounds a lot better than the years when it’s 27 and icy outside.

I had a great time at a wedding reception at BarWare yesterday. It was my first time there and I really enjoyed the place. I need another bar to add to my potential hangouts, especially on certain nights of the week. BarWare may fill that spot.

That’s it for today. Back tomorrow with more news.