Sunday update

Ten years ago, the company I worked for got a new CEO. He called an “all hands” meeting in the break room. He told us the story of his days on the rowing team in college.

“If you have a team full of merely good rowers, but they’re acting in unison, they know their role and do it well, they pitch in and help each other live up to their potential… that team is going to beat a team of all-stars, each doing their own thing, every time.”

That explains precisely why the Memphis Tigers have lost their last 3 games to inferior teams.

The most glaring problem I see is that the Tigers have a scoring machine in the paint in Jalen Duren, yet his teammates managed to get him only 3 attempts at the basket vs. Ole Miss.

The Daily Memphian reports that there’s a schism in the locker room. Penny complained in his post-game interview that the veterans are unwilling to help the younger players. That’s a shame.

You know, I can understand Tigers players not respecting Josh Pastner, not implementing his systems. His gee-whillikers cheeriness was unrelatable to kids from the streets.

I can understand Tigers players not respecting Tubby, not implementing his systems. He was an old poot who was satisfied with mediocrity.

But here we have an NBA legend, surrounded by other NBA legends on the coaching staff, and players apparently don’t respect him? I’d be all like, “Yes, Coach,” and “I’ll do it your way, Coach.” My mindset would be, “This guy’s been where I want to go, so he knows more than I do, and I better be grateful for every second I get to listen to him and learn from him, every second I get to implement what he teaches and get his very valuable feedback.”

One of the basic laws of the universe is that when you help others become better, you become better yourself. It’s a shame the veterans don’t understand that.

Okay. I’ll end the rant there. But I sure am tired of being disappointed by top recruiting classes.

The College Football Playoff selection show is at 11 AM on ESPN. Alabama beating Georgia shakes things up. It will almost certainly put both schools in the playoff, moving Ole Miss up to the Sugar Bowl and all the other SEC schools up a notch in the bowl order.

DGX has a sign on their door saying they will be closed until all streets are cleared from marathon traffic. I went down there about 8:40 this morning (Sunday, December 5) and for some reason they were still closed.

The Grizzlies beat the Dallas Mavericks last night, 97-90. That improves them to 13-10 and sole possession of 4th in the Western Conference.

There was a shooting in the 300 block of Poplar yesterday.

Just got a photo from a Facebook friend showing the WWE production trucks rolling into Downtown. Monday Night RAW will be broadcast from FedExForum tomorrow evening. Some of the wrestlers like to hang out at Jerry Lawler’s club on Beale so today or tomorrow would be good days to go there.

There’s a slight chance of severe weather early Monday morning:

It’s being reported that Three 6 Mafia will play 2022 Music Fest at the Memphis Fairgrounds. Early-bird three-day passes are on sale now for $145.

The Children’s Ballet Theater will perform The Nutcracker at the Cannon Center today at 2 PM. Tickets are $25-$65.

Loflin Yard and Streetdog Foundation present Sippin’ with Santa Paws this afternoon. Your $25 donation to the dog rescue gets you a photo with Santa Paws and your pet or your kids. You also get a limited-edition pint glass and a wristband for $3 drinks noon to 4. Drink choices include draft beer, select wines, well drinks, and slushies. There will be a silent auction and a raffle, and adoptable dogs will be onsite.

There’s a local artists’ Christmas sale happening today at 138 G.E. Patterson.

That’s the news for today. Back tomorrow.