Monday update

Look for me on national TV today! Tune into the USA Network 7-10 tonight for WWE Monday Night RAW. A friend bought the tickets, and I’m told we’ll be in one of the upper rows of the lower bowl section, near a corner.

RIP Bob Dole, a throwback to the era when politicians conducted themselves with class and dignity. Dole was Gerald Ford’s vice-presidential running mate in 1976 and the Republican nominee for president in 1996. He was a powerful voice in the Senate for many years.

Got a question for St. Jude Marathon runners and race runners in general. When you sign up for the race, you have to tell them what age category you’re in. They usually go by fives, like 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, and so on. Do they make you verify your age with ID, or is it on the honor system? The reason I ask is I was browsing the results of Saturday’s races and noticed someone misclassified in the wrong age category. Of course, it could be a clerical error, but in this particular instance, I suspect lying.

Why would a person lie about their age in a race?

  • If they classify themselves as older than they actually are, it could be to get a higher ranking than their true age category
  • If they classify themselves as younger than they actually are, it’s possibly because they know that some person of significance, who they lied to about their age, will be checking the results

The college football bowl games have been announced. Here are games of interest to folks in the Mid-South:

  • Jan. 4: Kansas State vs. LSU in the Texas Bowl
  • Jan. 1: 15 Iowa vs. 22 Kentucky in the Citrus Bowl
  • Jan. 1: 21 Arkansas vs. Penn State in the Outback Bowl
  • Jan. 1: 8 Ole Miss vs. 7 Baylor in the Sugar Bowl
  • Dec. 31: 1 Alabama vs. 4 Cincinnati in the Cotton Bowl (CFP semifinal)
  • Dec. 31: 2 Michigan vs. 3 Georgia in the Orange Bowl (CFP semifinal)
  • Dec. 31: 17 Wake Forest vs. 25 Texas A&M in the Gator Bowl
  • Dec. 30: Purdue vs. Tennessee in the Music City Bowl
  • Dec. 28: Texas Tech vs. Mississippi State in the Liberty Bowl
  • Dec.28: 20 Houston vs. Auburn in the Birmingham Bowl
  • Dec. 24: Hawaii vs. Memphis in the Hawai’i Bowl
  • Dec. 23: Florida vs. UCF in the Gasparilla Bowl

We all have that one friend who always has to be on a patio, whether it’s 101 degrees outside or 21 degrees. Those people will want to take a look at Holly’s list of heated patios in Memphis to stay warm this winter. I’ll add two Downtown locations not on the list: Silly Goose and Blind Bear. I don’t spend a lot of time on patios, but I’m at those places enough to know that they both have outdoor heaters.

Interesting article: How we became weekly. If you think about it, the day, month, and year are all based on astronomical cycles, but the week is totally artificial. When did humanity first adopt it, and why has it been a particularly strong unit of organizing our time for the past 200 years?

I came across a great question to ask when you’re in a job interview and it’s your turn to ask questions: What was your company’s 2020 pandemic response? In particular, find out if the company required employees to keep their webcams on during work hours, or required them to install company spyware on their computers and/or phones that tracked their activities during work hours.

The Grizzlies hit the road for a game at Miami tonight at 6:30.

That’s it for today. Back tomorrow.