Christmas 2021 recap and a little Sunday news

For Christmas, I went out to Eads to spend the day with my wonderful friends Randy and Theresa. We met at Bardog on Christmas Eve and they drove me out there. Here are some pics from Christmas Day.

Perjorie T. Roll with a bottle of Jim Beam cream liqueur

Perjorie getting ready to do a shot of the liqueur

Zorro the papillon. This is his first real Christmas, as he spent his first 4½ years “working” on a stud farm in Mississippi.

I got a HomePod Mini for Christmas. It found my music that was on the iPod I have barely used since 2007. I connected it to my Mac and pulled up a WWE show on Peacock to test the audio. It sounds great.

The Tender Bar, a book Randy has been recommending to me for some time now.

Randy preparing to slice the beef tenderloin

Christmas dinner with a PBR, Perjorie, wine from Portugal, and even a place setting with my name on it

Peanut butter pie for dessert

Thanks to Randy and Theresa for a marvelous Christmas. I came back with See’s candies and homemade cookies, as well as a down vest which I won’t be wearing anytime soon since the coolest high in the forecast for the rest of 2021 is 63.

The DM has stories about the new sequin mural that lines the I-40 underpass on Main Street and also about Downtown’s new selfie museum.

It’s Boxing Day.

The Grizzlies play a road game against the Sacramento Kings today at 5:00. TV will be Bally Sports Southeast as usual.

From the Daily Beast: Ugly passenger brawl sours one of the lucky flights to take off on Christmas Eve. I’ll give you one guess where the plane was heading. The brawl was over mask mandates.

Memphis set a new record high of 77 yesterday, a full 25 degrees above normal.

Memphis’ 2021 Christmas high temperature was only 10 degrees cooler than its July 4 high temperature.

That’s the news for today. Back tomorrow or Tuesday.