Birthday week Monday update

I want to start off by mentioning a yummy brunch pic posted by Momma’s, “the diner & dive off 55:”

First off, cheers to Momma’s on having REAL hash browns. I HATE it when breakfast/brunch restaurants advertise having “hash browns” – but then you get there and find out they’re actually “breakfast potatoes.” NOT THE SAME THING!!!!!

Chili-smothered hash browns with eggs and a choice of meat? Sounds like Momma’s may have “borrowed” that idea from Waffle House. And I have no problem with that at all! Waffle House had years to open a restaurant on Crump and capture that market, and they didn’t do it.

I’m sure many of you are designing your King Louis breakfast in your head right now. As am I! My eggs would have to be scrambled. I can’t stand any kind of eggs with runny yolk, especially touching other food. I’d sooner eat pineapple on pizza. I’d sooner eat tofu.

As for meat: I suppose sausage would work best with Momma’s Smokestack chili. Although, since this is an obvious copy of what Waffle House does, I might be tempted to get country ham since that’s what I get there. Bacon, of course, is a universal ingredient that is always welcome on my plate. I’ve never understood chicken as a breakfast food.

The real question, though, is: Which King Louis are you going to be as you eat your King Louis breakfast? You have many choices. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Louis the 9th  – The namesake of St. Louis, Missouri, making this a good choice for Cardinals fans.
  • Louis the 11th – Your kids will want to be him. He was the Spider King.
  • Louis the 13th – Has a high-dollar cognac (I’m talking, like, $250 a shot) named after him.
  • Louis the 14th – Has a Beatles song (“Sun King”) written about him; reigned for 72 years, longer than England’s Elizabeth II.
  • Louis the 16th – His wife was a bitch. He inherited a treasury depleted by his grandfather, the extravagant Louis the 15th. Beheaded at age 38 by revolutionaries. His son never reigned and only lived to age 10.

Forecast this week looks beautiful!

I had Bardog’s corn dog “Daily Dog” special for the second time in 2 days yesterday. That thing is seriously good enough to be a regular menu item. Mama Aldo, can you mention this to your son? EDIT: New Daily Dog today. Bacon-wrapped with sauteed onions, ketchup, and mustard.

I made Emily put The Price Is Right on. A contestant has a “The Wife Is Right” shirt on. This is why I’m single.

A fellow Scorpio (Wednesday birthday) bought me 2 Rumples and left me a full beer and half a Rumple. I’m buzzed and it’s 10:19 AM. And MEDICARE MARTHA is on TV. THE CALL IS FREE!

Congrats to the Grizzlies, who improved to 2-8 with a road win over the L.A. Clippers yesterday. Next up: at L.A. Lakers on Tuesday at 9:30 PM (TV: Bally Sports)

Tony posted a preview of a couple of the Blind Bear’s dinner specials for this week:

  • House-made chicken noodle soup
  • Pan-seared red snapper with sauteed green beans

There’s usually a dessert too. I’ll find out what that is and post a follow-up.

One more piece of Blind Bear news: Normally there’s a cover charge for admission Friday and Saturday nights. However, on Saturday, November 18, you can get in for FREE if you tell the door person, “Paul sent me.”

Grizzlies HC Taylor Jenkins has been fined $25,000 by the NBA for pointing out the incompetence of the referees working Friday’s Grizzlies-Utah Jazz game.

Today is World Orphans Day. There’s a street just north of Jackson running from Manassas to Ayers named Orphanage Ave. So I guess there used to be an orphanage just northeast of Downtown. That street was probably laid out in 1860. I don’t think there’s an orphanage on Orphanage Ave. anymore. I bet you can buy some weed there though. Probably not good weed.

The Price Is Right is giving away a hammock that will keep you warm at a temperature as low as 32 degrees outside.

A man was shot to death at Tennessee and Butler yesterday.

Drake and J. Cole will play FedExForum March 5.

The U.S. government is set to run out of money and shut down at midnight Friday.

Texas A&M fired Jimbo Fisher but will have to pay him $75 million according to the terms of his contract. Must be nice.

Here’s a TikTok about The Wingman, a new restaurant at 143 Madison.

It took me 4 hours to type this post. Back tomorrow with more news.