Wednesday is "I’m not going out to a bar" night

I’ve decided that this Wednesday, I will try an experiment – I will not go out to a bar at any point during the evening. I will stay home, watch TV, read a book, have a good meal, hang out on the rooftop, go shopping – anything but go to a bar. I think I last had a night like this in approximately July but it seems like it was 1994 or so. Such is life downtown.

I would schedule it for Tuesday, but that’s the night the Rapscallions dominate the Saucer’s trivia contest. I am so confident of a victory that I am tempted to promise that I will post Carmel’s photo and phone number if we lose. I suppose I should clear that with her first though.

Keep in mind that this “no going out to bars” thing refers only to THIS Wednesday night, not EVERY Wednesday night. I’m not crazy, after all.