Rapscallions defeat Team Palm Pilot, win second consecutive first-place

The Rapscallions’ winnings: three $25 bar tabs.
Two from our consecutive first-place finishes,
and one from a second-place finish a few weeks back.

Tonight at the Flying Saucer, the Rapscallions trivia team took home the first-place prize for the second week in a row. This feat was even more astounding because the 4-member Rapscallion team defeated an 11-person team from St. Jude who was flagrantly cheating with the help of a Palm Pilot. “Cheat to win!” I yelled at them as the results were announced. “Eddie Guerrero would be proud!”

So we now have three bar tabs, a combined $75 value. They don’t expire for a year, so we have plenty of time to spend them. We could have a big party one night (I need to check and see if we can spend more than one bar tab at one time – I don’t see why not) or we could wait until we accumulate 6 of them and hand each Rapscallion a $25 tab to do with as they please. (There are two more team members, the two females, who were not there tonight. Must’ve been a Tupperware party somewhere in town)

Can we make it three first-places in a row next Tuesday? Tune in to the blog to find out.