Monday lunchtime post

Well, let’s see what I can find to talk about today…

First of all, congratuations to my friends at ReMax on the River on the excellent article written about them in the Commercial Appeal’s business section. They’re good folks and have been big supporters of Residents for a Safer Downtown Memphis. If you’re looking to buy a condo or home downtown, these are the people to talk to.

By the way, if you haven’t visited the RSDM site in a while, check out the News section, where I’ve put up an article about a safety brochure we’re creating for Downtown guests.

After I got back downtown last night, I stopped by Sleep Out’s, where my friend LSU Mike supplied the Drunken Quote of the week, referring to Subway sandwiches: “I sure understand why they call it Subway, because the next day it comes out of my ass like a freight train.”

My plans for this week, which are all tentative at this point:

Monday: Pint Nite, of course! Los Angeles blogger AngieDawn will be making a rare Memphis appearance, so I look forward to joining her for a beer at the Saucer. Later in the evening I’ll probably hit other downtown bars in pursuit of tube tops and Ro-girls.

Tuesday: Back to the Saucer for beer, trivia, and waitresses. The Rapscallions will be short several team members this week, but then, a lot of times when we’ve won, it’s been with a smaller team.

Wednesday/Thursday: At least one of these nights I plan on catching The Dempseys, who will be playing at Blues City Cafe at 8 pm on Wednesday, and on the Madison rooftop starting at 6 pm Thursday.

It was a pleasure meeting regular blog reader Groobie Baby this weekend. You know, if Groobie Baby put on a tube top, she could call it a Groob Tube.

Charly writes,

“So, I think all the beer I’ve been drinkin’ lately has taken its toll on my memory – who is this Master Polo kid, and why the fuck does anyone give a damn about him??

I’m a little lost.”

Master Polo is one of the most well-rounded individuals on planet Earth. Although his main interest is snowmobiling, he is also an adamant collector of Buffalo nickels, and an avid Terrarium enthusiast. “Clearly I am guilty of enjoying all of Mother Earth’s gifts,” he writes. To use a Mikeyism, you ain’t just whistling Black Sabbath there, my friend. And his taste in music is absolutely exquisite – “all the pre-Ringo Beatles stuff.” YEAH! Pete Best RULEZ!!!

So I’m sure you can now understand why I have to meet this guy. And Charly, congrats on finally making a new post to your blog after 15 days off.

A couple of people have also written, asking whether the Romanians are here legally. Yes, they are. Here’s a link to the State Department’s website outlining the program they’re on.

Speaking of Romania: Billy Idol will be playing a concert in Bucharest at 8 pm tonight. Now that I think about it, due to the time difference that means he’s playing right now as I type this.

Serrabee has put up one of the funniest posts I have seen in a long time, concerning the purchase of a mini-fridge from Craigslist. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who uses the term “East Bumblefuck.” However, it’s a San Francisco post, so I guess they weren’t referring to Cordova, Germantown, Collierville and the surrounding suburban sprawl.

All right, I’m done wasting your time today. Back to the cubicle for an exciting afternoon of writing batch scripts to move web applications from the DEV server to the TEST server and then to the PROD server. Yay!