Tube Tops, Trivia Traitor, Romanians, and more

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Not sure if this first item should go on this blog or the Residents for a Safer Downtown Memphis site… hmm… since it’s from Pawtucket, NJ I guess it’s not really an RSDM thing. Anyway, here’s a news story illustrating how tube tops can be used as tools to commit crimes.

Woman in tube top abets theft

The Rapscallions trivia team finished in second place last night by one point… we would have finished first if not due to the actions of a traitor named Pam. Hang on, let’s post a pic of Pam:

There ya go. That’s Pam. The one that’s not me, obviously. Up until a few weeks ago she was a member of the Rapscallions. But one night we were at Big Foot and we were kidding around and I jokingly kicked her off the team. I was kidding. But what did she do? She went and got her friends from Drinking Liberally and they all started showing up at the Saucer on Tuesday nights. So yesterday, the Drinking Liberally team beat us by one point. Oh well, it could have been worse… we could have lost to Republicans.

As punishment for her traitorious actions, Pam is no longer allowed to sit at the bar at Sleep Out Louie’s for Sunday brunch. If she comes in, she has to sit at one of the tables, and maybe, just maybe, if we’re feeling really kind, we’ll talk to her.

At least we got a $25 gift certificate for our second-place finish, bringing our certificate collection to $220 total. We’re gonna have a big party soon, probably this month.

Speaking of Drinking Liberally, they’re still having their regular Thursday night meetings at Dish. This Thursday will be a special meeting, as they will be hosting Gina Cooper, the organizer of the YearlyKos conference, a gathering of 1,000 liberal bloggers from across the country. She will be there to brainstorm with Memphis on how Kos can promote local blogospheres. Click the link to the Drinking Liberally site for details.

I’ve been busy the past couple of days trying to help the Romanians locate furniture they can borrow for their 3-month stay in Memphis. It’s so odd to me as a spoiled, well-off (by their standards) American to listen to them… they could buy cheap air mattresses to sleep on. “Oh, no. We do not want to do that. We will sleep on the floor if we cannot find mattresses to borrow.” Air mattresses are like 19 bucks each. Geez, that’s just barely more than six bucks a month… I’d gladly pay that not to sleep on a floor. I did a little math and realized that for what I have spent at restaurants and bars since Saturday, I could have bought each of them an air mattress. It makes me realize how much abundance I have and how I take much of it for granted.

When I drove them to the mall on Sunday, they got thirsty. Now when Americans get thirsty, each of them buys a bottle of water to drink. The Romanians bought one bottle and passed it around. They offered me some too, which was sweet of them. My lips got to touch the bottle that touched the lips of four beautiful Romanian girls… although I would have preferred to eliminate the bottle altogether and… never mind, we’re getting off topic here.

Flipping through the new Memphis Flyer to see what’s going on… Friday at Davis-Kidd there’s a book signing by G. Wayne Dowdy, author of Mayor Crump Don’t Like It: Machine Politics in Memphis. It’s about Boss Crump’s rule of the city from his election as mayor in 1909 until his death in the mid-’50s. I doubt I’ll get out that way for the signing but it sounds like an interesting book to read.

Also, performance troupe Stomp is at The Orpheum this weekend. If you haven’t seen their show, you should go, it’s great. Tickets are $15-50.

Early voting for the upcoming election begins this Friday, July 14th. Later this week, I’ll be posting about a few candidates I support. To those candidates, if they’re reading: since I extended Tube Top Month until July 31, I’m going to have to figure out a way to tie tube tops in when I mention you. But right now, lunch break is over, back to work.