Maybe American Apparel isn’t so bad after all

A couple of months ago I mentioned that I went to American Apparel, the new clothing store at Main and GE Patterson in the South Main Arts District. I spent some time going through racks of clothing and didn’t really see anything I liked. The clothes weren’t bad or anything… I just found them kind of… well, boring.

But yesterday I was made aware of an item they sell that definitely isn’t boring. It’s a women’s clothing item called a “romper,” and I highly recommend this item to my female friends.

Here’s a link.

A romper is a one-piece tube top/shorts combination. The one selling at American Apparel is made of terrycloth. They also have a velour one, but it has a strap so technically it isn’t a tube top.

What a great invention. Whoever created this deserves a Nobel Prize or something.