Still no Kat pics, but here’s a pic to tide you over

The Rapscallions lost at trivia tonight at the Saucer. According to this week’s Trivia Guy we finished in the middle of the pack.

Here’s a pic of me pouring the Duvel I ordered into a Saint Brendan’s Irish Cream coffee glass. It’s the closest they could find to a Duvel glass. By the way, the waitress, Kristie, is awesome. She has had to deal with some large and unruly groups on our team and has taken care of us like a pro. If you hit the downtown Saucer and she’s working, definitely look for a table in her section.

Here’s a closeup of the Duvel in the glass:

Still working on the Semi-Charmed Kat pics. I need to come home sober one of these days and get them done.